Project Services

Accomplish your Projects On Time and On Budget with Techport Thirteen Project Services

Project services cover specific, short-term projects that we can execute for your enterprise. Each project is custom-planned and priced according to your objectives, and we establish a timeline and contract for completion of the task at hand.

The project services offering may be the right choice for you when considering:

  • Implementation of a new service, asset, or alert management tool
  • Major modifications to your current system
  • Other projects, which may only require a few months to complete
  • Version upgrade

Our consultants and developers are prepared to help. We will:

  • Examine your unique, precise requirements
  • Gain an understanding of what your existing system is or isn’t doing effectively
  • Execute our proven implementation methodology
  • Support the new system after the project goes live to ensure that everything is working well

Software Supported for Project Services


We apply our expertise to:

ITSM and Asset Management Tools

Techport Thirteen stands above all others in our service and asset management expertise. We work with today’s top technologies to help you improve business processes, drive increased revenues, and track your work and asset lifecycles more easily.

Reporting and Alert Management Services

Achieve clear, measurable results that will improve your business decisions. With solid business intelligence at your fingertips, you can find new ways to learn about your customers and continually improve your service to them.

Plus, by integrating an alert management system into your existing applications, your IT team members will receive precisely the information they need, when they need it. Personalized alerts are sent only to the appropriate individuals – eliminating the confusion, overlapping efforts, and excessive time spent delegating tasks, which often result from mass alerts.

Application Integration and Process Consulting Services

You’ll get more from your data when all of your technologies work together cohesively. Our developers will build custom connections among multiple systems and in a variety of environments.

We offer services to integrate the following technologies with your systems to help you get a better handle on your data and achieve sound reporting:

  • Custom and out-of-box web service solutions
  • HTTPS posting via public or private network
  • Flat-file manipulation (CSV, fixed length, XML)
  • Secure FTP
  • Reporting/business intelligence integrations

Once your technologies are aligned, be sure you have sound processes in place as well. We’re well-versed in the best practices endorsed by ITIL and the Project Management Institute – and we stand at the ready to consult with your team on these standards.

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