Managed Services

Get the Advantage with Techport Thirteen Managed Services

If your team is already using a well established solution, we can alleviate the pressure on your internal teams and allow them to focus on their core responsibilities. Under our managed services solution, we provide comprehensive, long-term support for all of your application needs.

We’ll handle enhancement and maintenance releases, and all support levels so you can have direct, 24/7 access to our expert consultants.

Plus, each managed services agreement includes a set number of monthly development hours for enhancements, modifications, and customization of your system.

With Techport Thirteen managed services, you’ll always have the assistance you need to supplement your team, keep your system up-to-date, and minimize resource costs.


Software Supported for Managed Services


The benefits of using the Techport Thirteen
Managed Services offering include:

Minimal Resource Costs

Techport Thirteen Managed Services significantly reduce the cost to support your service and asset management environment by providing all of the requisite skill sets with minimal costs. For as low as $4,000 a month, you can have a resource on your team that can support all aspects of your application.

Limited Downtime or Turnover

Techport Thirteen will engage multiple resources to become familiar with your environment. You will never have to plan around sick time or vacation time. Techport Thirteen will always have a resource ready to support your needs.

A Best-Practice Approach to the Software Development Lifecycle

  • Techport Thirteen has the experience to support a wide range of environments.
  • We provide a proven, best practice approach to application development and support.
  • The end result? Your service output improves tremendously.

Supplemental Solutions

We support various solutions, including the following:

  • Service management applications
  • Asset management applications
  • Web services and integrations
  • Other integration mediums such as HP Connect-event services, and flat file manipulations
  • Reporting applications, such as Crystal Reports, Actuate Reports, and the Westbury SMI
  • Alert management solutions such as xMatters®

Get In Touch With A Managed Services Expert

One of our experts will get in touch with you within 24 hours

Our Managed Services Experts

Blake Duckworth
Jerrod Davenport
Lexi Fouts
Stephen D'Angelo
Dan Vargas
Jeff Shirling

Let Techport Thirteen help support your service, alert or asset management environment.

We can take over your enhancement releases, maintenance releases, and support levels to serve as your one-stop shop for handling all of your application needs.