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The Cherwell Service Management (CSM) application is a low-cost, highly robust ITSM application for organizations of all sizes. CSM sets itself apart from other ITSM solutions by providing eleven, ITSM, fully-integrated processes out-of-the-box under Cherwell’s innovative concurrent licensing structure.

If you want to be up and running within a few weeks, then simply utilize the standard Incident, Service Catalog, Problem, Change, and Service Level Management processes. If you need to modify or adapt the standard processes to match your organization’s workflows or to meet specific business requirements, no problem. Easily modify Cherwell Service Management as time goes by or spend a few more days during implementation to configure.

Need help with your CSM requirements? Techport Thirteen can aid you with all of your CSM services needs. We can perform all aspects of a Cherwell customization, from initial requirements to final production launch.

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Services Available for Cherwell

Project Services

Project services cover specific, short-term projects that we can execute for your enterprise. Each project is custom-planned and priced according to your objectives, and we establish a timeline and contract for completion of the task at hand.
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Managed Services

Under our managed services solution, we provide comprehensive, long-term support for all of your application needs. We’ll handle enhancement and maintenance releases, and all support levels so you can have direct, 24/7 access to our expert consultants.
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Cherwell Software Sales and Annual License Renewals

We resell Cherwell software licenses for any available Cherwell Software solutions. In addition, we handle your yearly software license renewals. Rely on us for your software license needs, and we’ll ensure that you receive the maximum discounts available and an accurate renewal quote each year.

Reporting Services for Cherwell

Seeing quantitative results of your labor and being able to make management decisions based on trending details is crucial. Reporting, also known as Business Intelligence, while forgotten in many organizations, is easily achievable using Techport Thirteen’s help.

KnowledgeBase Add-On via KnowledgeBroker

Techport Thirteen offers Cherwell Service Management application owners an industrial strength Desktop Computer Support KnowledgeBase via Techport Thirteen partner, KnowledgeBroker. KBI’s KnowledgeBase solution provides immediate answers to thousands of common questions about Desktop and Internet applications. Techport Thirteen can assist you with the purchase and implementation of this value-add offering.
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