The Principals of Techport Thirteen, Inc.

Manish Patel, President

itsm-consulting-company--manish_patelManish began his professional IT career in the early 1990’s as an application developer and analyst with Bellsouth. He later became an independent contractor, working within the young IT service management tools field, focusing primarily on what was then known as Peregrine ServiceCenter or Service Desk. In the mid-90’s, along with a few trusted colleagues, and because he started his career in the Bellsouth building in Atlanta, GA on the thirteenth floor, Manish helped launch his first consulting company, Thirteenth Floor Solutions in 1996.

In his initial consulting years, Manish became even more passionate about technology and learned the value of excellent support and customer service. When Mr. Patel combined these two in 2000, technology and support, Techport Thirteen was born.

Since those humble beginnings, Manish has embodied the high ideals of excellent customer service with unmatched technological experience and knowledge. He expects his team of consultants to be exceptionally capable within their respective fields, all while putting the customer’s needs first.

Personally, Mr. Patel is a proud graduate of the University of Georgia, with a degree in Computer Science. He enjoys cheering his beloved Dawgs to victory on football Saturdays and staying up on the latest financial news. He is married, with two children, and currently resides outside of Atlanta, GA.


Jared Crowder, Director of Service Delivery

itsm-consulting-company--jared_crowderJared’s IT service management career started as an application administrator for the Peregrine ServiceCenter solution with Circuit City. He showed a unique instinct for the software and its processes, and when he and Manish Patel crossed paths on a Circuit City engagement in the early 2000’s, Manish took notice of Jared’s talents. After gaining a few years of additional application experience, Mr. Crowder took a position as a developer with a consulting firm in Washington D.C., and remained focused on the HP ServiceCenter / Service Manager software. In 2005, he joined Mr. Patel at Techport Thirteen.

Since joining the ranks, Jared has been relentlessly focused on the health and growth of Techport Thirteen, making Mr. Crowder an indispensable Director within the leadership team. His perseverance and vision helped launch Techport’s highly successful ServiceNow Projects Division, and has made Techport one of the most respected ServiceNow consulting firms in the US.

Jared enjoys a day at the beach in Hilton Head, relaxing poolside in Las Vegas, and dominating on the tennis court. He is married, with two children, and currently resides outside of Richmond, VA.


Ben Vargas, Director of Service Delivery

itsm-consulting-company--ben_vargasBen got his start in IT by initially working for Hewlett-Packard. Specifically, he worked his way up the HP support team in the early 2000’s, focusing on the newly acquired ServiceCenter application. Eventually, after a highly successful term on the HP Level-2 Support Team, Mr. Vargas made the bold leap to consulting in 2007, by joining Techport Thirteen. His HP ServiceCenter and IT service management experience translated immediately to consulting success.

Combined with his unwavering work ethic and customer-centric personality, Ben rapidly ascended the leadership ranks within Techport Thirteen, to become Director of Techport’s outstanding HP Projects Division. Today, Techport Thirteen remains stronger than ever within the HP services market and with Mr. Vargas at the helm, Techport’s clients are in very good hands.

Ben is a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in Computer Science. He enjoys spending his free time on the lake in northern California, fishing a local stream, and snowboarding around the world. He is married, with one child, and currently resides in the Bay Area in northern California.


“Techport Thirteen is a low-level, professional, highly friendly IT services company, that wants to get in to the details with our clients; we are more concerned about our clients’ happiness than our competitors are, and our goal is to achieve repeat business; we are a small company today, but intentionally so.”

- Manish Patel