Techport Thirteen is your Trusted Advisor for IT Service Management

Based on our years of IT Service Management experience, our team of U.S.-based, ITIL v3 certified experts will guide you on best practices to get your service, asset, and alert management solutions up and running, while tailoring them to meet your business and functional requirements. Post go-live, we possess the expertise to support, refine and enhance those systems for months and years to come, as your business grows and your needs mature. With what we believe to be the most highly qualified, personable, and experienced consultants within our field, Techport Thirteen will enable you to save time and money, and eliminate the frustrations of bringing your enterprise up to speed with the latest IT Service Management technologies.

Techport Thirteen's mission statement " continue providing exceptional service to our existing clients along with servicing new clients in the Service Management, Asset Management, Alert Management and related arenas. Our plan is to continue our model of deliberate growth with highly skilled resources to continue our delivery of leading professional services and product offerings."

What we do:

Implementation, Upgrades and Integration

The Techport Thirteen team possesses a wealth of experience in deploying and upgrading service, asset, and alert management software across enterprises of all sizes, verticals, and maturity levels.

Our collective expertise surrounds implementing, upgrading, and supporting ITSM solutions. As part of that work, we also offer the ability to integrate these additional tools, which can enhance core functionality and scalability for your business needs:

  • Release Control to reduce the risk of downtime during change activity
  • Configuration Management Systems (CMS) to maintain current information on how your infrastructure, applications, and business services relate to each other
  • Asset Management for tracking asset life cycles
  • Business Service Management for monitoring the customer experience and proactively alerting IT staff to problems
  • Alert Management to automatically delegate service tickets to the right personnel, so issues can be resolved more efficiently
  • Remote Support to securely service remote computers
  • Service Management Intelligence to simplify operational reporting on critical data

Tailoring and Customization

With Techport Thirteen, you gain direct access to the best developers in the business, who will tailor your service management solution and related technologies to meet your functional and technical requirements – from integrating cross-platform systems for clear reporting on the data you need, to building customized add-ons for your service management software.

First Level Support

Techport Thirteen takes pride in building and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. Interactions with your dedicated support staff through the Techport Escalate support offering will feel more like calling a trusted advisor for help, rather than simply calling a typical support desk.

Our proven processes, combined with close ties to our software partners, make us uniquely capable of providing you with ongoing support once your service management solution is up and running. We’ll not only extend assistance for day-to-day technical issues – we’ll also offer ongoing consultation, advice, and development services to enhance your tools as your service management offering matures. You’ll see operational improvements and bottom-line results from the start.

We are:

IT Experts

Techport Thirteen is a team of developers, consultants, and advisors who have spent their careers implementing and enhancing enterprise-wide systems dedicated to IT service, alert, and asset management. With the most well-rounded consultants in the field and over 15 years of satisfied customers, Techport Thirteen is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable service management support teams around.

Committed to Superior Service

Whether you are working with Techport Thirteen for projects, support, or managed services, we are committed to you. Work with us, and you will receive immediate response on inquiries and support requests, proactive notifications on upcoming releases, patches, and known issues. Most importantly, we help you avoid common pitfalls and establish an intuitive and sustainable system.

When you contact Techport Thirteen, you’ll interact with a U.S.-based consultant. If you choose to utilize Techport Thirteen for first-level support, a level 3 engineer will put your worries at ease and allow you to get back to taking care of your customers.


Techport Thirteen has built strong partnerships with the developers and top-level support teams from HP, ServiceNow, xMatters®, Cherwell Software, Bomgar™ and other solution providers.

These deep industry connections set us apart, and give you the advantages of:

  • Insider knowledge on each technology, including capabilities and adaptability
  • Reduced pricing on all software solutions and services
  • Efficient handling of your questions and technical issues