Latest Westbury SMI Suite Release

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  June 10, 13

In late April, Techport Thirteen software partner Westbury announced the latest release of its Westbury SMI Suite. The new SMI Suite delivers an advanced enterprise reporting platform for IT Service Management applications, enabling users to address the entire Business Intelligence flow with self-service reporting.

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Use Westbury's SMI Lite Edition with HP Service Manager for Free

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  January 24, 13

Looking for a simple reporting solution for your HP Service Manager instance? Well, I just learned that if you are an existing HP Service Manager customer, you can use the Westbury SMI Lite Edition (SMILE) solution for free!

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Face the Facts: Limited Reporting Capabilities in ITSM Tools

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  September 13, 12

Over and over, we at Techport Thirteen hear from clients that the ITSM tools that we work with have limited or insufficient reporting capabilities. This has been an ongoing conversation for over 8+ years now. Whether you run ServiceNow, HP Service Manager, or some other ITSM tool for your firm's Service Management needs, I bet your users have complained at some point about the lack of reporting options available within the application. You are not alone... however, the answer does not reside where you probably think it should. Let's take a deeper dive in to this issue then.

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Choosing a Business Intelligence Tool - Does it Really Matter?

Posted by Larry Hill   I  August 6, 12

So you already have your database and/or data-warehouse in place, and you're collecting data. Now you are ready to tackle the Business Intelligence (BI) questions that your manangement needs answered in order to see a real ROI of the system you have just implemented.

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Making the Case for Business Intelligence / Reporting

Posted by Larry Hill   I  July 26, 12

Business intelligence reporting is a subject that has created a lot of interest, many comments and many BI solutions.  Business intelligence, and specifically reporting, is important because it enables users to make decisions that affect how an organization is run.

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Techport Thirteen Performs Instructional Services Too

Posted by Mac Bullock   I  June 6, 12

Bet you were not aware that Techport Thirteen provides instructional or training services? While not something we heavily advertise, we can certainly do this for your organization, and have performed many client training sessions over the last year.

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Techport News - Welcome to the Techport Thirteen Blog!

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  April 30, 12

We at Techport Thirteen are very excited about the launch of our new Blog, as a compliment to our online presence. Our blogging plan is to offer insightful content direct from our knowledge base and from our consultants about topics related to our core competencies. These competencies include HP software news, the HP Service Manager application, the ServiceNow application, the xMatters application and the full range of xMatters products, the Bomgar application, the KnowledgeBroker (KBI) solution, the AMI AssetTrack application, and the Westbury application.

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