AMI Increases Mobile Presence with AssetTrack for iOS

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  April 1, 13

Techport Thirteen partner AMI believes that the BYOD ("bring your own device") [to work] movement is one that cannot be ignored. So much so, that they have launched their own iOS app as a mobile client for their AssetTrack solution.

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Linking Big Data to Asset Management

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  December 3, 12

If you follow IT, financial or political news and trends, you may have heard a lot lately about the concept of "Big Data". I believe the term came out of the notion that a company like Google or the New York Stock Exchange is storing massive amounts of data every second, and that the stored data is incredibly valuable. This perceived value therefore brings influence and power, much like a major oil and gas company would gain under the umbrella of "Big Oil". After all, those who control the valuable assets, are given the benefit of the doubt more often.

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Using RFID Scanners with AMI's AssetTrack Solution

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  October 4, 12

Did you see the movie Minority Report? If not, let me summarize a cool part of the plot.... Tom Cruise plays John Anderton, a futuristic police-type officer, who solves crimes based on premonitions from a trio of psychics. Throughout the movie, ocular scans are used to identify people. The coolest part of the movie to me, is when the police send in these small "spiders" to perform ocular scans on all residents of an apartment building, in order to try to track Anderton, who has now been accused of a pre-crime. He escapes of course... after all, this is Tom Cruise we are talking about :-)

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AMI's New Look, Logo and Branding

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  July 30, 12

Back in June, our friends at AMI (Asset Management International) put out a new logo, website, verbiage... a complete rebranding overall. They also changed their website address and started a blog. If you haven't checked out the new look, new message and new online presence of AMI, it is worth your time to do so.

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Learning about AMI's AssetTrack v3.50

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  July 2, 12

At the core of Techport Thirteen's business are our many strong partnerships. We can leverage these partnerships by reselling partner software and by performing software services for our partners' software, all at a nice discount for our clients. It is a challenging business, but very rewarding when you can deliver consistently.... we seem to be doing ok :-)

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Techport News - Welcome to the Techport Thirteen Blog!

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  April 30, 12

We at Techport Thirteen are very excited about the launch of our new Blog, as a compliment to our online presence. Our blogging plan is to offer insightful content direct from our knowledge base and from our consultants about topics related to our core competencies. These competencies include HP software news, the HP Service Manager application, the ServiceNow application, the xMatters application and the full range of xMatters products, the Bomgar application, the KnowledgeBroker (KBI) solution, the AMI AssetTrack application, and the Westbury application.

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