ServiceNow and Content Management

Posted by Brian Spellman  I  November 12, 14

ITSM is a process-based methodology used to align information technology with the objectives and requirements of the organization.  While IT Service Management is certainly not a new concept; it has been receiving significantly more attention during the last decade.

By becoming more proactive in implementing ITSM centric processes and tools, IT service and delivery departments have successfully moved away from their previous (and primitive) management tactics and instead moved toward taking advantage of value-added functionality through enhanced processing.  Since planning and research are incredibly important in this regard, knowing your data structure will help guarantee the right implementations/adjustments without having to waste time on superfluous customizations later.


Often, the more difficult aspects of transitioning from the traditional “business – IT paradigm” toward the ITSM methodology, is knowing who should be doing what and at what time.  ServiceNow’s IT Service Automation Solution does this by removing the stress from users and making the system work for you.

ServiceNow’s Content Management System (CMS) is software that will help to leverage functionality by supporting, managing and collaborating in order to control and automate the content lifecycle.  Communicating with the individuals who are managing your knowledge base, business service portfolio, and service catalog is essential in this regard.

Once an organization understands what they require from their CMS platform, the benefits become very substantial.  Content consolidation and sharing amongst co-workers, automatic instant tracking/updating, user-assigned privileges, and auto-alerts represent a small snapshot of the benefits. The Content Management System from ServiceNow will ensure that YOU are in control by increasing security, improving communication, and ensuring collaboration.

For more information on ServiceNow’s Content Management System, click here.  To see how Techport Thirteen can implement your CMS, request a demo or research & consult with our Business Development team.

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