Cost Savings of Hiring an IT Service Management Consultant

Posted by Brian Spellman  I  February 5, 14


There are a lot of reasons for working with an IT Service Management Consultant (ITSM). You can benefit from their industry-proven expertise, their contacts, and their high quality work. They are there to help you juggle your business goals with your IT objectives and to always make sure your needs are being met.

Now you might be thinking that partnering with an ITSM Consultant is just another added cost. On top of everything you’re already paying for, you still have to entertain whether to hire an IT Service Manager or choose to go with an in-house IT team.

But what if I tell you that it can actually help you save cost? There are two major costly areas that will no longer be a problem: Employment and Downtime.

1. Employment

If you’re planning on running and maintaining the whole IT infrastructure in-house; you’re going to need a dedicated team to manage it. This means having to hire a full-time team of qualified employees and dealing with the corresponding costs that will come with them. These costs will include monthly salaries, healthcare or dental insurance, paid leave, and other benefits. Not to mention all the costs of training these employees to become IT experts so that you can make sure you’re receiving the best possible service.

Now what if you could hire a dedicated team of experts without all the other costs? Working with an ITSM Consultant means you’ll solve all your IT needs on a negotiable, project-based cost. You’ll get an experienced team of dedicated experts who are completely at your disposal without having to worry about their salaries, benefits, bonuses, or healthcare.

2. Downtime

It’s no secret that companies working with any kind of IT system will eventually face some downtime. In certain cases, downtime can last for hours or days, decreasing the efficiency of your workforce. Your in-house IT team can spend a lot of time trying to figure out the problem and every minute costs your company money.

Maintaining a stable IT infrastructure is difficult for an in-house team because they have to keep going back and forth between providers without really being able to see the big picture.

An IT Service Manager on the other hand, understands exactly what your company needs in terms of IT infrastructure. They implement only that, so you don’t have overhead costs you don’t need and extra load you don’t use. They also know the best business practices available to make sure that all of your systems operate as smoothly as possible.

That alone reduces downtime and costs considerably, but if you ever experience any downtime, they are only a phone call away and can fix your problems in a matter of minutes.

So if your company is looking to save costs on IT, start by finding a great ITSM Consultant. They’ll reduce down-time, reduce inefficiency, reduce costs, and make your life a lot easier.


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