Cerna Solutions Partnership

Posted by Brian Spellman  I  April 9, 14

Deploy_It_NowTechport Thirteen recently partnered with Cerna Solutions to combine the power of ServiceNow and MicrosoftSCCM.  By leveraging the DeployITNow solution from Cerna, end users are able to request software directly from the ServiceNow self-service portal.  This capability drastically reduces the overhead on IT personnel by empowering users to request software within self-service and have the software automatically deployed to their computer upon approval.

The DeployITNow solution delivers an integrated platform, meshing the ServiceNow Service Portal and Workflow with the automation abilities of Microsoft SCCM.  This solution enables end users to get the software they need, when they need it.  DeployITNow increases user satisfaction and productivity while maintaining full control of all software request processes.

Benefits of DeployITNow:

For IT:

  • Reduced IT interaction which significantly reduce operating costs
  • Allows IT to focus on other value added business obligations
  • Easily meet deployment Service-Level Agreement’s
  • OS install management can move to lower cost employees
  • Automate standardized installations

For the Organization

  • Significantly reduced wait time for installation From Days to Minutes!
  • 24/7/365 response time
  • Enables flexible budget control and signoff based upon workflow
  • Maintain full control of the software request process
  • Full audit trail for compliance needs
  • Process progress notifications
  • Reporting

If you would like to learn more about the DeployITNow solution or other services that Techport Thirteen offers, please get in touch with our Business Development team at or (404) 919-5161.


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