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Posted by Brian Spellman  I  April 2, 14


Techport Thirteen recently teamed up with BDNA Corporation to provide customers with the opportunity to ensure “clean” data across all IT Systems.  ITSM Solutions like ServiceNow and HP Service Manager enable organizations to transform enterprise IT service management.  The first step in this process is to ENSURE clean data across all IT systems.  IT product data is fraught with data quality issues and is largely inconsistent, irrelevant, inaccurate and incomplete.  Bad data can severely impede the ability to realize efficiencies from your ITSM Solution.

Normalizes duplicate, inconsistent, conflicting data

Many large enterprises employ multiple discovery solutions and multiple data sources.  This scenario often leads to data reconciliation issues like inconsistency, duplicates or conflicts.  Leveraging Technopedia™, the world’s largest catalog of hardware and software assets, BDNA aggregates and normalizes data from multiple data sources to provide Clean Data which is de-duplicated, relevant and consistent.

Enriches IT-centric data with market intelligence

Data in Discovery solutions typically derives from the IT systems themselves, and lacks market-relevant information such as end of life dates, licensability options, hardware specifications, etc.  This information is critical to ensuring efficient Service Desk and/or Asset Management practices.  BDNA enriches the discovered enterprise data with additional market intelligence, resulting in rich data that is curated and complete.

Updates data that is frequently outdated

IT organizations spend a significant amount of time acquiring up-to-date data when they first get started.  Frequent changes in the vendor landscape and other changes results in data that is quickly outdated.  Ensuring that the data remains current poses a significant challenge.   BDNA keeps the data current via the frequent updates available in the as a Data-as-a-Service model.  This results in Current data that is updatedmultiple times daily.

Improve ITIL Process Efficiency

With BDNA, organizations are able to automatically populate and maintain CMDB, Model, and Asset data for various ITIL processes.  The clean and enriched IT data that is leveraged through the BDNA data cloud facilitates optimal asset licensing usage, a significant reduction of incidents, immediate savings, robust governance, and an overall improvement in your ITSM functionality.

If you would like to learn more about ensuring clean data across all of your IT system by using BDNA and Techport Thirteen, please do not hesitate to contact our Business Development team at or (404) 919-5161.

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