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xMatters: How to Encrypt Passwords in IA js Config Files

Posted by Travis DePuy   I  April 25, 13

Plain text passwords.... Usability vs security.... Often there are times when a password is needed to connect an xMatters instance to an external management system from the Integration Agent (IA). In the past, these were always stored in xml or js files in the integration services directory... in clear text. This made it great for verifying, viewing and updating the password in a development timeframe, but terrible in a real production environment because of the security concerns.

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Steps for After an HP Service Manager QA Environment Refresh

Posted by Travis DePuy   I  April 22, 13

Refreshing the HP Service Manager QA or Dev environment from the Production environment is a very important part of keeping a healthy and well-functioning HP SM ecosystem. However, after copying the production database to the QA or Dev database, there are a handful of steps that need to be performed to reduce confusion for end users and erroneous notifications while testing and developing updates.

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Webinar: xMatters On Demand Spring 2013 Release

Posted by Travis DePuy   I  April 15, 13

Spring is here! xMatters has fought off the gloom of the rainy season by keeping extra busy building new capabilities that will help ensure the success of clients' communication plans. The Spring 2013 On Demand Release is expected to begin deployment on April 27th.

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xMatters 4.1 patch 018 - A Must-Have!

Posted by Travis DePuy   I  April 11, 13

A public service announcement for anyone out there running xMatters v4.1. xMatters recently pulled patches 14 through 17 from their support website, and they are saying patch 18 is mandatory for v4.1 installations.

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ServiceNow to xMatters: How to Use a Non-Admin Account for xM Updates

Posted by Travis DePuy   I  February 4, 13

By default, the ServiceNow integration to xMatters requires an administrator account to make updates to the Incident records. However, some clients are very concerned about granting such sweeping privileges to an external account. There is a very easy way to get around this.

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Techport Thirteen Participates in xMatters' xMovember

Posted by Travis DePuy   I  December 20, 12

Movember is an annual, worldwide event held during the month of November. Its purpose is to raise awareness for men’s mental and physical health, and Techport Thirteen partner, xMatters, has supported this worthy cause over the last few years.

Since xMatters' 2011 campaign was such a success, the cause was taken up again in 2012, but this time xMatters recruited help from its clients and partners. Techport Thirteen was quick to sign up. The xMatters 2012 Movember Network included Techport Thirteen, KingsBridge Disaster Recovery and Intact, with a handful of clients and xMatters employees thrown in.

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xMatters on Demand Fall 2012 Release

Posted by Travis DePuy   I  October 19, 12

New stuff!!! Doug Peete, VP of Product Development, announced on the xMatters blog the official notice for the Fall 2012 Release (warning, Tobias Dunn-Krahn, VP of Engineering, in a leafy outfit).

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Use Case for the xMatters NotifyNext Function

Posted by Travis DePuy   I  October 8, 12

If you missed my blog post on October 1st about the notifyNext function in xMatters, and why you should learn about its purpose, please review that article before continuing. That will certainly help under the Use Case of the notifyNext function described below.

So, the other day, I ran into an interesting use case for notifyNext with a client.

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xMatters - Learn to Utilize the NotifyNext Function

Posted by Travis DePuy   I  October 1, 12

Group Supervisors: Have you ever had a member of your group respond to a ticket via xMatters with ignore, only for the system to wait 15 minutes to notify the next member? That seems like a pretty long time to wait if you know that first member isn’t going to accept or start working the issue. So much for notifying the right person at the right time (xMatters pun)!

But wait, there is hope, the notifyNext function, when triggered will do exactly what it says on the tin... notify the next person in the rotation.

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xMatters Error: Batch Update Returned Unexpected Row Count

Posted by Travis DePuy   I  August 22, 12

We ran into an interesting issue with an xMatters client recently. After making some changes to the action scripts (business scripts), notifications were going out very inconsistently. We ran test after test, and hunted through the logs, but nothing obvious stood out. The only thing remotely related was this error in the log:

2012-08-09 12:27:50,264 [notificationResolutionEngine-process-pool-thread-2] ERROR - - Exception executing batch: 
org.hibernate.StaleStateException: Batch update returned unexpected row count from update [0]; actual row count: 0; expected: 1

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