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How To Choose An IT Service Management Consulting Partner

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  January 22, 14

If you’re struggling to manage business and IT cooperation within your company, or if you don’t have the necessary IT resources in house, you’ve made the right decision in hiring an IT Service Management (ITSM) Consulting Partner.

But now that you’ve made the choice, you'll find that there are a lot of options available and that it can be difficult deciding what the best fit is for your organization. In this article, we’ve highlighted the 7 most important factors to consider while choosing an ITSM Consulting Partner.

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xMatters to Publish on demand Fall 2013 Release Nov 9th

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  October 28, 13

xMatters will be releasing its Fall 2013 Release for the xMatters On Demand solution on November 9th for the NA1 (North America) and EU1 (Europe) environments. The release contains major changes to the user interface, so let's get in to the details of the enhancements.

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ServiceNow is for the Global IT Enterprise - Good to Know

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  October 7, 13

If you have read some of my more personal blog posts in the last year, you may have figured out that on my life's journey, I am constantly learning. And, if you are like me, and you work in IT, you have chosen a professional field that is always changing, and therefore must be kept up with. Recent favorite articles of personal growth include "Bomgar - Not Just a 'Nice to Have for your Help Desk' Any More" and "How xMatters' Recent Aquisition of Bamboo™ Effects You". Shameless cross-promotional blogging links aside, I always enjoy learning something new, being genuinely surprised, and then telling our readers about my story of average intelligence. My next realization is a good one as well.

Shout-out to our ServiceNow Projects Division - you all rock, and are way smarter than me. Please try not to think less of me per what I am about to describe.

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Splitware Mobility Platform: Offline Mobile Solution for ServiceNow

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  September 30, 13

Techport Thirteen provides a direct mobile integration to ServiceNow — the Splitware Mobility Platform — that allows users to operate offline-capable, task oriented mobile applications that operate natively on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Android phones and tablets, BlackBerry phones, and Windows Mobile devices (barcode scanners, RFID readers, etc).

These mobile applications support unlimited business processes that complement a ServiceNow implementation. ServiceNow application owners can rapidly build and deploy mobile applications that securely connect to their ServiceNow instance and CMDB.

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Bomgar - Not Just a 'Nice to Have for your Help Desk' Any More

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  September 23, 13

Techport Thirteen has been a Bomgar partner since February 2010. In the fast-paced world of IT, that seems like forever. Back then, Techport got in to the Bomgar software and services sales business when our existing service management application customers began calling loudly for a live-time-chat solution. They needed something that complimented the Employee Self Service (ESS) trend, which was all the rage back in the day. Everyone wanted ESS, and loved the idea of receiving interactions from their callers in ways other than via phone or email scraping, therefore saving money by reducing the forces behind their call centers. Throw in some automation around triaging interactions and incidents, and ESS was here to stay. Chat services were on the cutting edge.

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HP Service Manager 9.32 Released

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  September 16, 13

At the end of August, HP announced the release of HP Service Manager 9.32. HP has included several new enhancements that are intended to help customers get the most value out of their HP Service Manager solution.

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2013 Cherwell Global Conference to Bring Techport to New Heights

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  August 29, 13

Techport Thirteen is excited to be a sponsor of the 2013 Cherwell Global Conference next week! The event will take place September 4th - 6th at the Broadmoor Hotel & Resort in Colorado Springs, CO.

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Techport Thirteen to Partner with Mobile Reach

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  August 26, 13

Techport Thirteen has reached an agreement to partner with the enterprise mobility software firm, Mobile Reach. In general, Mobile Reach specializes in extending enterprise applications to mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, BlackBerrys, and Windows Mobile barcode scanners. The new partnership relates directly to Techport Thirteen's core competencies around market-leading IT service, asset and alert management solutions in that Mobile Reach's Splitware Mobility Platform can help extend ITSM and ITAM applications and data to mobile technicians.

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Techport Thirteen Sponsoring HDI Atlanta University on Thursday, 8/22

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  August 19, 13

Techport Thirteen is proud to be a 2013 sponsor of HDI Atlanta's one-day conference event, to be held this week, on Thursday, August 22nd, at the Cobb Galleria, northwest of downtown Atlanta. HDI Atlanta plans to hold a similar event annually in the future. The theme this year will be around education and is called HDI Atlanta University (HDIAU).

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A Quick Look at Cherwell Discovery & Inventory

Posted by Rob Swingle   I  August 12, 13

Up until now, we have been focusing our Cherwell Software blog postings around the Cherwell Service Management (CSM) solution, and rightly so. It is sleek, scalable, can be cloud-hosted or client-hosted, and includes a all-in-one module approach out-of-the-box that is appealing to many. Today, let's take a quick look at the add-on module of the Cherwell Discovery and Inventory solution.

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