ServiceNow and Content Management

Posted by Brian Spellman   I  November 12, 14

ITSM is a process-based methodology used to align information technology with the objectives and requirements of the organization.  While IT Service Management is certainly not a new concept; it has been receiving significantly more attention during the last decade.

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Relevance Revolution Conference - May 20th - 22nd

Posted by Brian Spellman   I  May 20, 14

Techport Thirteen is excited to announce our attendance of this year’s Relevance Revolution conference in Chicago, IL.  Hosted by xMatters, a Techport Thirteen partner, the Relevance Revolution is a premier two-day event focused on learning best practices when it comes to enabling business process with communications.  This year’s conference features a value-packed agenda and networking events that will bring you face-to-face with some of the brightest minds in IT and BCM.  

Hear direct from industry leaders, client experts, and xPert thought leaders as they share their perspectives on IT and business continuity communications.  You’ll learn the newest strategies and best practices on how to ensure you're delivering the right information to the right person at the right time.

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ServiceNow - Preferred Partner Status

Posted by Brian Spellman   I  April 25, 14

Techport Thirteen has long been regarded as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable ITSM service providers in the field.  We are proud to announce our achievement of being recognized as a Preferred Partner by the ServiceNow Global Services Partner Program. This elevation in status distinguishes Techport Thirteen as a leader in the industry through our superb commitment and execution of ServiceNow solution delivery. Techport Thirteen possesses a wealth of expertise in this regard and is honored to be acknowledged by ServiceNow for our ability to meet the technical and functional requirements of our customers.  

ServiceNow is an enterprise IT Cloud Company that transforms IT by automating and managing service relationships across the global enterprise. Organizations use ServiceNow’s products to create a single system of record for their IT needs and to automate their manual tasks, standardized processes, and consolidated legacy systems. By using ServiceNow’s extensible platform, customers can create custom applications and evolve their IT service models to service domains both inside and outside of their given enterprises.

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Knowledge14 Conference - April 27th - May 1st

Posted by Brian Spellman   I  April 17, 14

April 27th, 2014 marks the first day of ServiceNow’s Knowledge14 Conference in San Francisco, CA. Knowledge14 is the largest gathering of IT professionals using cloud services for enterprise IT service automation.

Techport Thirteen is very excited to support the Knowledge14 Conference this year as a Bronze-level sponsor. Techport recently earned an elevation in status to Preferred Partner by the ServiceNow Global Services Partner Program.  Knowledge14 will draw more than 6,000 IT professionals and cover everything from ITIL best practices and implementation tips to custom application creation on the ServiceNow Service Automation Platform. This conference provides an opportunity to better understand the packaged solutions available, talk to other customers regarding their use of the solution and help users make more educated decisions regarding ServiceNow and the classic “build versus buy” dilemma.

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Cerna Solutions Partnership

Posted by Brian Spellman   I  April 9, 14

Techport Thirteen recently partnered with Cerna Solutions to combine the power of ServiceNow and MicrosoftSCCM.  By leveraging the DeployITNow solution from Cerna, end users are able to request software directly from the ServiceNow self-service portal.  This capability drastically reduces the overhead on IT personnel by empowering users to request software within self-service and have the software automatically deployed to their computer upon approval.

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BDNA Corporation Partnership

Posted by Brian Spellman   I  April 2, 14

Techport Thirteen recently teamed up with BDNA Corporation to provide customers with the opportunity to ensure “clean” data across all IT Systems.  ITSM Solutions like ServiceNow and HP Service Manager enable organizations to transform enterprise IT service management.  The first step in this process is to ENSURE clean data across all IT systems.  IT product data is fraught with data quality issues and is largely inconsistent, irrelevant, inaccurate and incomplete.  Bad data can severely impede the ability to realize efficiencies from your ITSM Solution.

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HDI 2014 Conference & Expo – April 1st–4th

Posted by Brian Spellman   I  March 26, 14

This year marks the 24th Annual HDI World Conference for IT Service and Technical Support in Orlando, FL. More than 2,300 IT service and technical support professionals will be in attendance to address the more prevalent and pressing issues within the industry to date. Facilitated by industry leaders, practitioners, and process experts from all over the globe; the HDI Annual Conference is the largest and most-respected technical support educational event of its kind.

March Madness with a Purpose

Posted by Brian Spellman   I  March 19, 14

Do you enjoy helping people? Do you also enjoy March Madness? If so, ServiceNow has presented a perfect opportunity to participate in both activities.

“Big Dance Dig” is a bracket challenge charity campaign that aims to benefit those in need while participants can simultaneously enjoy the thrill of March Madness. In the past, the “Big Dance Dig” event has successfully raised over $5,000 for Charity:Water and we hope to keep that momentum going strong.

Techport Thirteen has decided to sponsor the “Big Dance Dig” charity event this year. In order to participate in the bracket challenge, a donation of at least $25 is required. These donations go to a great foundation and also present the opportunity to win fantastic prizes! (IPad Air, GoPro3, Pebble Smartwatch, and numerous gift cards just to name a few). 

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Why IT Services Are Crucial For Businesses

Posted by Brian Spellman   I  February 19, 14

Ever sat at your computer attempting to fix a problem but find yourself faced with jargon that causes you to accidentally press the wrong button, and your entire essay or project vanishes without a trace? Remember how annoyed you were?

Now imagine that happening to a growing organization with tons of crucial data. Data that is integral for the firm’s day-to-day operations. Data that, if lost, can drive company figures down to dangerous levels, all because of an uninformed employee’s mistake.

It’s no secret that in this ever-changing technology driven world, effective tech-driven processes can make or break an organization. There is a simple way to ensure your processes are up-to-date and your IT systems are running smoothly: IT Service Manager Consultants (ITSM).

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4 Key Reasons To Work With An IT Service Management Consultant

Posted by Brian Spellman   I  February 12, 14

In the business world, it is often far too easy to bite off more than you can chew. This is particularly true for executives trying to juggle management and technology. You'll have to invest both time and money toward training your current workforce in order to provide a high quality service due to their initial lack of experience. This result often boils down to a waste of resources that could have been more efficiently spent elsewhere.

There is an alternate solution: partnering with an IT Service Management (ITSM) Consultant.

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