xMatters to Publish on demand Fall 2013 Release Nov 9th

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  October 28, 13

xMatters will be releasing its Fall 2013 Release for the xMatters On Demand solution on November 9th for the NA1 (North America) and EU1 (Europe) environments. The release contains major changes to the user interface, so let's get in to the details of the enhancements.

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  • User Interface: Usability continues to be a major theme for xM and they like to be on the sharper edge of modern UX design. So, get ready for a whole new UI experience with our snazzy new 'flat' design.
    • Home Page: The home page is no longer a 'list of lists' - it now presents users with simple icons that provide information and navigation to common tasks for their roles. This brings users only a click away from intuitive tasks.The Profile tab has been retired in favor of the modern style: now you can get to your account information by clicking your name in the upper right-hand corner of the page, which is where you'll also find the new log-out icon. The home screen now animates to indicate that there are new messages in your Inbox. The home screen also animates to show new active events in the View Reports area.
    • Revised Styling: All of the pages now feature revised styling reflecting the latest trends in flat UI design.
    • Better Widescreen Support: You will enjoy the increased leg room on a number of screens including any form using Site Recipients, and most of our reports.
    • Sticky Settings and Users/Groups I Supervise: The application will remember your settings on key screens (Users, User Performance, Groups, Group Performance and the Events Report) and make it easy to quickly identify if you are looking at only the things you supervise, or all data you are allowed to see.
  • Message Sending and Receiving Updates: xMatters has included new features for sending messages and receiving messages.
    • Sender Settings: You now have the power to drag and drop a new section onto your forms for capturing the sender information you need in your process.
    • Subscriptions: xMatters' subscription building tools allow you to create subscription forms for your messaging forms.
    • Revised Reporting for Tracking and Report Card Statuses: A few reports previously maintained a status for notifications as "Pending" even after an event had terminated. These reports have been adjusted to show a "Not Notified" status for these notifications after the event terminates.
    • Attachments Report: This report allows you to view the attachments associated with events sent from any of our user interfaces, including mobile clients.
    • Updated Device Management Screen: The device management screen previously occupied three screens for "My Devices", "Add Devices" and "Validate Devices" - now those three pages are simply handled with one super-powered "My Devices" screen.
  • Advanced Users: Not all of the improvements show up on the common end users screens - xMatters has also created some new screens for the administrators.
    • TTS Dictionary: This new feature lives on the Developer tab and allows you to specify your desired pronunciation for words using simple spelling.
    • Company Details: Configure your company's details, like Email Display Settings, Caller ID, or SAML settings. No need for xMatters admin help. You can now maintain this information yourself.

The list above includes the major enhancements included in the Fall 2013 on demand release. Additional smaller fixes and changes will also be included.

In case you missed it, check out our summary of the Summer 2013 on demand release for what was improved the last time around. And, as a reminder, xMatters v5.1 is planned for release in December.

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