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Posted by Rob Swingle  I  October 7, 13

If you have read some of my more personal blog posts in the last year, you may have figured out that on my life's journey, I am constantly learning. And, if you are like me, and you work in IT, you have chosen a professional field that is always changing, and therefore must be kept up with. Recent favorite articles of personal growth include "Bomgar - Not Just a 'Nice to Have for your Help Desk' Any More" and "How xMatters' Recent Aquisition of Bamboo™ Effects You". Shameless cross-promotional blogging links aside, I always enjoy learning something new, being genuinely surprised, and then telling our readers about my story of average intelligence. My next realization is a good one as well.

Shout-out to our ServiceNow Projects Division - you all rock, and are way smarter than me. Please try not to think less of me per what I am about to describe.

Back in the early 2000's, there were several IT service management (ITSM) solutions on the market, mostly utilizing a client-server, 3-tiered architecture (client, application server, and database). Web-interfaces were becoming more common though, as organizations wanted to shrink their dependencies on hard-to-support fat-clients, so (thin) web-clients were developed for existing applications. IT bliss continued.

Enter ServiceNow, Inc., which was officially incorporated in 2004. They not only had an IT service management solution that could compete in the market right away, but, they embraced the concept of "the cloud", and began to educate existing IT decision-makers as to why a cloud-based application could add immediate value. If you follow IT trend-setters regularly, then you are most likely familiar with the rest of the ServiceNow story. Side note: ServiceNow's stock price is currently $52.15/share [symbol: NOW] (as of the time of writing this post).

Techport Thirteen got involved with ServiceNow officially in April 2010, and using our existing depth of knowledge surrounding ITSM processes and technology, I like to believe that we seamlessly picked up ServiceNow application technical skills to become the ServiceNow services juggernaut that we are today. I know that our story was somewhat more involved than that, but that is a longer story for a future post.

So, here we are today... October 2013. And, I just learned something new about ServiceNow... they offer more than just an ITSM solution.

Please try to hold your chuckles at my expense in, for I assume, like usual, that I am the last to know such things.

Techport Thirteen performs ServiceNow consulting services

Techport Thirteen is VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOD at ITSM solution consulting around our core competencies. And, because we are focused on ITSM solution consulting as the heart of our business, we have a tendency to wear blinders when it comes to our partners' full solution offerings outside of the ITSM tools world.

Although, maybe it is just me... yes, I have a tendency to get heads-down in to what I am doing and to block out elements of the world... sometimes intentionally,  sometimes out of self-preservation, and sometimes out of ignorance. My realization around ServiceNow's full offerings is more out of ignorance unfortunately.... but, no more! Woo!

Techport Thirteen is a ServiceNow partnerMac Bullock to the rescue! Mac serves dilligently as our Director of Business Development, and I have the pleasure of learning from his over-flowing brain. Let's face it... his scraps of information surrounding Techport Thirteen, and what we can offer our clients, are larger than what half our company knows combined. Today, Mac sent out a nice reminder email to some of us Techport'ers with the subject, "ServiceNow’s Latest Solution Overview List". Ok, I'll bite... [click, open attachment, mind blown].

In my head, I kept thinking that ServiceNow was a very strong ITSM solution provider, with some IT asset management (ITAM) and other modules thrown in to the overall mix in order to keep up with the competition. Slap a "L" to my forehead, because boy do I feel like a loser at the moment. In fact, did you know that ServiceNow currently offers clients 23 different solutions? Let me try to list them here in case you are having the same realization I did this morning:

  • ServiceNow Service Automation Suite: ServiceNow Asset Management, ServiceNow Change and Release Management, ServiceNow Configuration Management (CMDB), ServiceNow Incident and Problem Management, ServiceNow IT Cost Management, ServiceNow IT Governance, Risk and Compliance, ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management, ServiceNow Service Catalog, and ServiceNow Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • ServiceNow Orchestration Applications: ServiceNow Orchestration, ServiceNow Cloud Provisioning
  • ServiceNow Discovery
  • ServiceNow Performance Analytics
  • ServiceNow Service Automation Platform Functionality: App Creator, Content Management System (CMS), Graphical Workflow, Knowledge Management and Managed Documents, Mobile, Reporting, Sample Application Templates, Service Level Management, Social IT - Chat and Live Feed, and Survey Management

I feel tired. I may need to take some sick time. Oh, no wait... that's just the cobwebs in my brain being respun in to something useful. How did I not know about this? When did... who... but, I thought... sigh. Fine. Another learning opportunity for me (and maybe others).

Regardless, our ServiceNow Project Division rocks, and yes, they already knew about all of this, and more importantly, they are solution experts. I may have average intelligence, but they cover for me daily... thanks team! If you are left scratching your head in amazement and want to know more detail about the list above, they can help.

Now I am feeling old. What changes will tomorrow bring? Sigh.

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