Splitware Mobility Platform: Offline Mobile Solution for ServiceNow

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  September 30, 13

Techport Thirteen provides a direct mobile integration to ServiceNow — the Splitware Mobility Platform — that allows users to operate offline-capable, task oriented mobile applications that operate natively on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Android phones and tablets, BlackBerry phones, and Windows Mobile devices (barcode scanners, RFID readers, etc).

These mobile applications support unlimited business processes that complement a ServiceNow implementation. ServiceNow application owners can rapidly build and deploy mobile applications that securely connect to their ServiceNow instance and CMDB.

We will cover how the Splitware Mobility Platform integrates with other business processes, like Incident or Request Management, in the future. Today, let's focus on how the Platform is used for IT Asset Management and Work Order Management.

Techport Thirteen is a Mobile Reach partner

In general, why should any customer consider MobileReach's Splitware Mobility Platform solution? What is the business value?

The benefits of the Splitware Mobility Platform for ServiceNow include:

  • Offline capability for disconnected environments
  • Cross platform — iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile
  • Enables barcode scanning into ServiceNow
  • Enables RFID or NFC with ServiceNow
  • User friendly, task oriented mobile applications
  • High levels of security / data encryption

The following point needs to be emphasized... Splitware mobile applications do not require a network connection to perform, so the user experience is consistent and always available.

Also, regardless of your asset scanning hardware, 1-D, 2-D, and 3-barcode scanning, as well as RFID, is seamlessly integrated into the Splitware software to ensure a highly functional, effective, and productive user experience.

Why should and existing ServiceNow customer complement their existing software with the Splitware Mobility Platform solution?

If you are using ServiceNow today for IT Asset Management or Work Order Management, then consider adding the Splitware Mobility Platform solution in order to automate your asset receiving, inventory and lifecycle processes under a single, one-stop solution.

Techport Thirteen is a ServiceNow software and services partner

The Splitware Mobility Platform is a cross-platform solution, allowing for the same software to be used on all of your scanning and asset management devices.

Want to stay as efficient as possible? Then adding an offline-capable asset scanning solution is an easy choice. Regardless of your internet connections status, your asset receiving process can continue as expected.

Where can someone, seeking additional information, go to learn more about what Techport is offering? And, Why purchase MobileReach solutions through Techport Thirteen?

If you are interested in learning more about MobileReach's Splitware Mobility Platform, please download a copy of the solution's IT Specifications for ServiceNow brochure here:

  Get the Splitware Mobility Platform IT Specifications Brochure

As a MobileReach software resale partner, Techport Thirteen has valuable partner discounts that can be passed on to our customers. If you buy through us verses through other channels, you save more money. Simple.

And, it makes sense to find a partner that has experience working with both ServiceNow and MobileReach's solutions. As both a ServiceNow and MobileReach partner, Techport Thirteen can help bridge the relationship gap for you with both organizations.

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Note: Mobile Reach has been an award-winning mobile software and application developer of mobile software solutions for ITSM and ITAM for more than 13 years. And, they will soon be named as a Certified ServiceNow Technology Partner.

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