HP Service Manager 9.32 Released

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  September 16, 13

At the end of August, HP announced the release of HP Service Manager 9.32. HP has included several new enhancements that are intended to help customers get the most value out of their HP Service Manager solution.

Quickly, HP SM 9.32 includes the following new features:

  • Codeless configuration for the help desk processes: Improving time to value, reducing complexity and easing future upgrades.
  • Increased mobility: Supported with extensibility and overall improvements to help IT users on the go stay connected to their Service Manager system.
  • Automate self-service request handling: Offers greater extensibility and other improvements to the Service Request Catalog (SRC).

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Process Designer for Help Desk

The move toward a codeless system is one of HP's biggest initiatives within the HP Service Manager team. They realize that custom development work is often costly and time consuming (not to mention less supportable and agile). HP's goal is to make custom development work obsolete.

In their first steps toward this goal, HP introduced Process Designer for Knowledge Management and Process Designer for Change Management. Recently, they’ve added codeless configuration for the help desk processes in HP Service Manager:

  • Service desk
  • Incident management
  • Problem management

With reduced complexity, and the elimination of the need for custom programming and seamless future upgrades, Process Designer for Help Desk increases the speed of your organization’s time to value.


With an increasingly mobile workforce, HP continues to enhance HP Service Manager's mobile capabilities. They hope to enable users of HP Service Manager to be as productive as possible while on the go. With HP Service Manager 9.32, they’ve introduced new mobility features that increase customization and enterprise readiness. Specifics of these features include:

  • Views, forms and action bar options can now be customized at the record level, using the traditional Service Manager tools such as View Administration and Forms Designer, right from a smartphone or tablet
  • When using a hardware load balancer, Service Manager can now handle 1000 concurrent mobile users and support 13 languages
  • IT operators can now view and manage records remotely from a simple UI

Service Request Catalog (SRC)

In a response to the increasing demand for user-centric IT, HP Service Manager 9.32 also improves the extensibility of the Service Request Catalog (SRC). Specific enhancements to the Service Request Catalog (SRC) include:

  • All the out-of-box fields and sections are now configurable from the SRC Tailoring Interface
  • Based on a particular user selection, the list of further selections and ancillary forms changes dynamically
  • A new date/time selector validates date/time entries against the calendar and validates entries against time-specific business rules set by the administrator

HP Service Manager 9.32 is available for download now from HP Software Support and Process Designer for Help Desk is available via HP Live Network. For more information on HP Service Manager 9.32, please visit hp.com/go/itsm or watch this in-depth demo video.

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