Techport Thirteen to Partner with Mobile Reach

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  August 26, 13

Techport Thirteen has reached an agreement to partner with the enterprise mobility software firm, Mobile Reach. In general, Mobile Reach specializes in extending enterprise applications to mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, BlackBerrys, and Windows Mobile barcode scanners. The new partnership relates directly to Techport Thirteen's core competencies around market-leading IT service, asset and alert management solutions in that Mobile Reach's Splitware Mobility Platform can help extend ITSM and ITAM applications and data to mobile technicians.

Specifically, Techport Thirteen is very excited about Mobile Reach's highly successful Mobile ServiceNow offering. This offering allows ServiceNow application owners, and IT asset managers utilizing ServiceNow's ITAM and Work Order Management modules, to rapidly build and deploy mobile applications that securely connect to their ServiceNow instance and CMDB.

Techport Thirteen to partner with Mobile Reach

While ServiceNow already offers a mobile interface for iPad, the Mobile ServiceNow offering from Mobile Reach adds the following differentiators:

  • offline operation
  • barcode and RFID scanning
  • device native functionality
  • high levels of security and data encryption
  • cross platform support for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile barcode scanners

Techport Thirteen believes that by partnering with Mobile Reach, we are able to offer our existing ServiceNow clients, and our future new ServiceNow customers, a more robust, mobile experience, and stay ahead of the mobile trend in the IT asset management market.

When asked why Techport Thirteen decided to move forward with the Mobile Reach relationship, Mac Bullock, Techport Thirteen's Director of Business Development replied, "We are thrilled to be working with Mobile Reach. Partnerships are easy when your partner has a great product to offer. Their Splitware Platform is the best mobile solution out there today for ServiceNow owners, and we want to offer the best to our clients. When we evaluated the potential combination of Techport's excellent ServiceNow services with great complimentary ServiceNow solutions, like Mobile ServiceNow, the decision to join forces became easy."

Mobile Reach has been an award-winning mobile software and application developer of mobile software solutions for ITSM and ITAM for more than 13 years. And, they will soon be named as a Certified ServiceNow Technology PartnerThe Techport Thirteen / Mobile Reach partnership will officially be effective on Monday, September 2nd.

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