HP Asset Manager 9.40 Released

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  August 5, 13

In July, HP announced the release of HP Asset Manager 9.40. The release brings HP's customers additional value for managing their ITAM processes: Asset Tracking, Procurement, Contract Management, Software Asset Management and Financial Management.

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The main enhancements brought to the Asset Manager platform by the 9.40 version are:

  • A refreshed look and feel and graphical interface
  • Usability enhancements in the web client: enhanced lists, support of multi tab, enhanced management of paging, better dashboards
  • New Record search feature that allows cross table full text search
  • An online documentation accessible to all web users with full text search capabilities

These platform enhancements complement the business value delivered in parallel to the platform development in 4 content packages, released and enhanced over the time: the SAM Best Practice package, the Cloud Billing Package, the Web Usability package and the AM Patch Management package (Automating Asset Manager changes, from development to production). You can find all these packages in the Asset Manager Business content section of the HP Live Network Asset Manager site.

If you are interested in upgrading to v9.40, or have a question about how your licenses will be handled during a related upgrade, please contact us for help. You may also contact us if you need consulting or services assistance with your upgrade work.

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