xMatters On Demand Summer 2013 Release Going Out on August 3rd

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  August 1, 13

xMatters will be releasing its Summer 2013 Release for the xMatters On Demand solution this coming Saturday, August 3rd for the NA1 (North America) and EU1 (Europe) environments. Get educated with the list of new release features below.

xMatters pushes major On Demand releases quarterly, and minor releases as needed in between. In case you missed it, check out our coverage of the Spring 2013 Release via our blog.

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  • New smartphone-based reporting: xM's new iOS reporting ensures that you're prepared when a major incident occurs. Note that Android and BB10 users will get similar features over the coming months. With the new mobile reports you can view:
    • My Events - Events in the system you started, including monitoring your conference bridges and roll calls.
    • All Events - Events in the system other response team members started, so you can see situation status reports and other data-driven processes.
    • The Tracking Report - Real-time details of any event in the system including elapsed time, delivery status and responses.
  • Search for Recipient, and Important Event Domain Predicates: Now you can filter recipients. Start typing in the name of your recipient (Users, Groups, Dynamic Teams, etc.) and xMatters will search for matching recipients and allow you to filter down to events where your recipient was a target. And, your recipient can be a sub-group (a group within a group) or any other nested recipient type. Also, you can now search against the Important Predicates set in the Event Domain, and these will also show up as columns in the Excel export.
  • Users and Groups Get a New Face: With this release, xM has consolidated the Users and the Find Users screens into a new Users page that allows you to see the Users you supervise or - simply clearing a check box - all of the Users in the system that you are allowed to view. You additionally have a search bar that you can use to apply filters that will quickly narrow down matches based on User ID, First Name, Last Name, and Site Name. The screens easily handle very large numbers of Users in your system, allowing you to quickly manage User settings.
  • BB10 Client: The xMatters application is now available on the Blackberry platform. You can find it in the Blackberry World.
  • Subscriptions for Relevance Engine Forms: xMatters has carefully planned our first foray into subscriptions to deliver immediate value. They have extended their existing subscription capability to support subscriptions against relevance engine forms. Over time xMatters will introduce a new UI and advanced capabilities.
  • Internet Explorer Voice Designer Support: With this release, xMatters expands the support of their relevance engine design tools to include in-browser recording preview on Internet Explorer 9, so more clients can build and customize their communication processes.
  • Multi-Language Message Designer Templates: Multi-language support now includes the actual message template. You can translate any of the additional language (e.g., the salutation) to create more personalized multi-language content.
  • Integration Enhancements:
    • Include more in Callbacks: You can specify multiple fields (relevance engine properties) that will be passed back with any callback transaction, not just the Incident ID.
    • Designer Support for Annotations: Qualify your official Response with additional text. Then, pass these annotations on to other systems as needed.
    • GET sites: You can look up a list of sites defined in xMatters to support typical data sync operations.
    • GET person: GET person allows you to query the core information of a specific user for synchronizing or displaying in another system.

Check out the Summer 2013 Release Overview, including more in-depth feature descriptions and screen captures, for yourself via the xMatters Community.

The next minor release for xMatters will be v5.0.10, scheduled for launch on September 3rd. The next major quarterly release, the Fall 2013 Release, should be out in October. And, to cap off the year, xMatters v5.1 is planned for release in December.

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