HP Intelligent Management Center - July 2013 HP Education Newsletter

Posted by Mac Bullock  I  July 29, 13

The July 2013 HP Education Newsletter is now available, with a spotlight on HP Intelligent Management Center. Keeping pace with the increasing and ever-evolving demands on wired and wireless networks is a tall order for any IT manager. Today’s hottest technologies — BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), cloud, virtualization and Software Defined Networking — add to the complexity of network management. Meet these demands with a new type of network management, one that consolidates all elements of various management tools while still addressing new networking trends. That solution is HP’s single-pane-of-glass multivendor network management, Intelligent Management Center (IMC).

IPv6 training is also featured in this issue. As the current pool of IPv4 addresses nears depletion, organizations are being forced to understand the dynamics of the transition from IPv4 to the new IPv6. Developed as a replacement for IPv4, IPv6 delivers significantly larger addressing capability. Built on the lessons learned from IPv4, the new IPv6 was meant to be an evolution, not a revolution, of the Internet Protocol. While sharing many similarities, IPv6 and IPv4 do not interoperate, and several aspects of the protocol have been completely rewritten. HP training leverages your existing IPv4 experience to help you gain an understanding of basic IPv6 concepts and contextualize them to the specifics of your environment.

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