This Just In! Bomgar 13.1 Has Arrived!

Posted by Ash Fuqua  I  July 25, 13

Tuesday July 9th 2013

My dearest,

This summer has been long without you. It’s been raining for what seems like a month straight; when it’s not raining it’s miserably hot and humid. Life has been crazy as a bee stung horse of late, well, until today. Right when I though all hope was lost, the heavens opened up and…

Bomgar 13.1 has been released!

Techport Thirteen is a Bomgar partner

Bomgar 13.1 was in fact released 7/9/13, and there’s so much to tell! Bomgar’s latest release includes enhanced support features over multiple platforms, smoother user interface, and more privacy for technicians. The update also helps with file transfers and canned messages.

With Bomgar’s newest release, application developers can now include embedded app support for Android and iOS apps with a new software development kit. You can now use Bomgar to remote control any Android device, not just those made by Samsung. Just like with Apple products, with Bomgar you can now transfer screenshots and co-browse on any Android device.

The new presentation tool capabilities in Bomgar 13.1 help users with training meetings: you can now host IT training and remote support with one tool. Bomgar allows trainers to use a presentation-only interface in the Bomgar Representative Console. Attendees are able to view these presentations in their browser without having to download anything.

Support techs now have the option for private display names with the new Bomgar release. This means that the name that your customer seems can be different from your real one. Bomgar respects your privacy!

File sharing used to be a touchy subject. You had these important personal, business files that you needed to replace or fix, and you had no transfer security! Files shared through third-party servers could even go against policy. Bomgar provides its customers with the utmost security; you don’t have to worry about third party servers. Transferred files are routed straight through your encrypted Bomgar Appliance. Bomgar 13.1 allows reps to do more with file transfers without disrupting end-users.

Live chat is an extremely efficient method of support. Not only does it help your customer learn by doing, it’s also really cost-effective! Bomgar’s newest update targets faster chat support with new management capabilities. Having trouble getting your customers to use chat support? Check out Bomgar’s Business Solutions Manager Greg Cowart’s blog post “How Can I Get My Customers to Use Chat.” In his post, Greg walks you through several amazing points to share with your customers to help ease them into using chat support.

Bomgar 13.1 has improved on almost everything Bomgar has to offer. You can watch a two mintue video here: 

Bomgar's Remote Support Solution in 2 Minutes from Bomgar on Vimeo.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely check this product out. Request a demo of Bomgar here.

All my love to you and the kinfolk,

Captain A.Fuqua                                                                                                                                                            Operations Division, Techport Thirteen Branch

Techport Thirteen is a Bomgar partner 

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