HP Service Manager - Process Designer for Help Desk, Content Pack 9.30.3

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  July 22, 13

Earlier this month, our friends at the HP Service Manager (HP SM) team announced the latest release in HP Service Manager’s Process Designer framework, Process Designer Content Pack 9.30.3, which contains Process Designer for Help Desk (PD Help Desk). PD Help Desk allows HP SM owners to use codeless configuration to make changes to their HP Service Manager Help Desk processes.

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Here are the features and benefits of PD Help Desk, per module:

  • Service Desk: The PD Help Desk Service Desk module has a new multi-phase Process Designer workflow built into it which is aligned with ITIL-v3 and the HP Service Management Reference Model. This multi-phase workflow not only brings more consistency to all the processes in HP Service Manager that are Process-Designer-based, but also provides more transparency and granularity in process governance.
  • Incident Management: The PD HelpDesk Incident Management Module not only has a new multi-phase Process Designer workflow built into it as well, it also has incident tasks introduced into the process. Incident tasks allow IT to resolve incidents more efficiently by supporting multiple parallel Incident task assignments. Incident task performance can be measured by Service Level Agreements.
  • Problem Management: Ask and you shall receive. Known Error and Problem Management are now merged into one workflow, again aligned with ITIL-v3 and the HP Service Management Reference, Model, to reduce process overlap and complexity for the IT user. Problems contain a “Known Error” flag to differentiate between a Problem and Known Error. And we didn’t stop there! The simplified and centralized Process Designer security mechanism, which you know and love from Process Designer for Change Management, is applied to PD Help Desk modules, creating consistency and reducing the complexity of security administration.

Overall usability has also been improved as HP has enhanced the overall Process Designer framework. Examples include:

  1. Related Records are now simplified in Process Designer Help Desk modules and in Process Designer Change Management.
  2. The ability to switch between the Group style and the Tab style for a Notebook control in the web client has been added.
  3. The ticket number is added to the title of a record, including Interaction, Incident, Incident task, Problem, Problem task, Change and Change task.
  4. A real-time counter has been added to the Attachments and Related Records sections.
  5. A new tool exports Workflows into an unload file, enabling users to copy Workflows from one PD-based system to another PD-based system.

Process Designer Content Packs for HP Service Manager are available for download on the HP Live Network.

Note: Content pack 9.30.3 is compatible with HP Service Manager 9.31 application and HP Service Manager 9.31 platform patch 3, which are now downloadable on the SSO portal (HP Passport login required).

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