Highlights of the Cherwell Service Management 4.60 ITSM Release

Posted by Christian Nulty  I  July 15, 13

Our friends at Cherwell Software are releasing version 4.60 of their Cherwell Service Management (CSM) solution this month. As some quick background information, Cherwell always wants its users and customers to know that a lot goes in to its application releases. It is well worth the reminder that ~75% of the ideas for fixes or enhancements included in a new release come from CSM customers. If you have an idea, share it Cherwell Support. You never know... it might make it in to a future release!

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Let's not waste any more time, so let's jump right in to what's new in v4.60 and how the new features can help you and your organization:

  • Community Discussion Board
    • Whether viewing from the Employee Self Service page, or from a technician's administrative interface, users can access the new Community Discussion Board. The goal is to increase the collaborative functionality of the application acorss the entire enterprise, and true collaboration must be easy to use by all.
      • Start or create new threads
      • View discussion topics including what's trending
      • Add comments
      • Technicians can open Incident tickets from an open thread, or archive/close a thread if no longer relevent
  • iOS App Improvements
    • 2nd and 3rd level support teams that are "out of the office" responding to issues can use the new Location Awareness feature of their iOS app to show Incidents or Service Requests near to them. They can set a distance threshold of up to 10 miles. If you have a campus or many buildings within a specific radius,  you can see those issues that are open and close to you, helping with logistical scheduling and maximizing your team's precious time.
    • Once onsite, a technician can use the camera on their device to read the barcode of a CI/asset. The information received via the barcode is then automatically added to the incident in question, building data in the ticket. This is especially helpful in locations where many CI's reside, or it is hard to tell one specific CI from another.
    • Onsite technicians or users can also take photos using their camera and add them to an open ticket as attachments. Nothing is more clear than a picture when trying to solve an issue, and now you can see what is going on without having to be there in person.
      • Note: Cherwell plans to release an app for Android by the end of 2013.
  • Project Tracking
    • v4.60 now comes with a Project Tracking module. This is not meant as a robust Project Management solution, but, it removes any confusion as to how managers can track projects within the CSM solution (no longer need to try to use Change Mgmt or Request Mgmt modules as psuedo-project trackers).
      • Does tasking and LOE logging, but can't track assigned resources
      • Tracks high level project budget and remaining budget as tasks are completed, but can't track budget details
      • Logs approvals and parent Portfolio information for the business
      • Tracks project health via a manual input, ideal for status meetings and reports
  • Improved Dashboard and List Sorting
    • Create custom Business Value Dashboards
    • When viewing lists of tickets, you can now sort using custom column filters. Ge the data you need to show value to your organization.

Cherwell will be making CSM 4.60 generally available in July to the public. You can watch the 4.60 release highlight webinar to see the new features for yourself. Contact Techport Thirteen or your Cherwell Rep for additional information.

Want a more personal demo of the new release? We are here to help:

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