Change Task Planner Released for HP Service Manager 9.31

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  July 1, 13

HP has announced the release of Change Task Planner, formerly known as Task Editor, now available in Process Designer Content Pack 9.30.2, for HP Service Manager. With this new functionality there’s no need to waste valuable time doing the same thing twice. You can now create a reusable plan for the work required to perform a change to your system. Tasks can be added to a change model or you can utilize the Change Task Planner to plan change tasks in the change record. Parallel and sequential tasks can now be defined, giving you a clear view on what the future holds.

Techport Thirteen is an HP software partnerYou’ve also got significantly more control and can determine when tasks are created, when they become active, and when they must be closed before the workflow can advance. You’ll have the support of adding conditions for task creation by using the condition editor embedded in the Change Task Planner, in addition to the ability to create mandatory tasks in the change model.

In the past, you had to work to integrate several teams, through several meetings, when implementing a change. Each team had to include their own request (even if they didn’t “own” the ticket) in the reporting service, thereby creating confusion with several tickets. But with the new change task planner, you can use a standard change to create a change model, allowing you to more efficiently track the progress of the change. From the task planner’s new graphical interface you can also create, edit and delete tasks.

Ready to give the new Change Task Planner a try? It’s available on the HP Live Network in the Process Designer Content Pack 9.30.2.

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