Upgrade your Email Architecture with Techport Mail Exchange

Posted by Mac Bullock  I  May 23, 13

A Techport Thirteen Packaged Solution for: HP Service Manager

Finally... a solution which allows owners of the ServiceCenter or Service Manager applications to handle both inbound and outbound emails without needing the add-on’s of SCAuto or Connect-It.

Send HP Service Manager emails using a SOAP architecture

The solution utilizes a web service via the application’s built-in SOAP client to send outbound messages via an SMTP server, and fetch inbound messages using either POP3 or IMAP protocols. All supported email protocols can be configured for processing data transfers via SSL, which is fast becoming a standard requirement in many environments.

The solution’s client/server architecture is easy to install, configure and support.

The client solution is driven by an internal polling mechanism that scans for both incoming and outgoing messages. The server component prepares outbound message requests for transfer by creating a standard SMTP mail transaction which is delivered to the SMTP host specified in the configuration.

Incoming messages are handled similarly; during the client’s polling cycle. If a new message is encountered by the server component, it will be sent as a standard SOAP message back to the application client for processing in the standard event queue.

Simplify your email processing today and let Techport Mail Exchange be the back bone for your application’s email functionality.

Key Features

  • Utilizes standard protocols like XML, SOAP, IMAP and POP3
  • Easily deployed within a standard ServiceCenter or Service Manager environment
  • Send and receive email messages via SSL
  • Configure and maintain the solution directly from ServiceCenter or Service Manager

Use a SOAP architecture for your email!


For pricing and installation details, please contact Techport Thirteen.

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