Techport Thirteen Opens Northwest Office; Moves Southwest Office

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  May 16, 13

The only thing that is constant is change. Techport Thirteen continues to grow and evolve, and as a result, has opened a new northwest office in Pleasanton, CA. Our southwest office has also relocated to a new address within the San Diego, CA area.

Ben Vargas, a Director of Service Delivery for Techport Thirteen commented, "The new office in the San Francisco Bay Area provides an exciting opportunity to locate consultants in closer proximity to all of our clients in the Silicon Valley, Northern California, and Pacific Northwest regions, providing easier and more frequent face-to-face interaction and expedited on-premise support. Additionally, the location benefits our clients by allowing us to expand existing partner relationships and develop new ones with emerging technologies in this high-tech hotspot." All of Techport's skillsets, including ServiceNow, HP Service Manager, and Cherwell Service Management, will be represented at the new location.

Techport Thirteen opens Northwest Office in Pleasanton, CA

Techport Thirteen's southwest location is also making a change to a new location. In an effort to work out of a more centralized location for the San Diego community, Techport's southwest office is moving from the northern side of the city to the more central 92118 zip code. The more efficient location should allow for even greater coverage of existing Techport Thirteen resources in and around the southern California market. The move also reiterates the company's strong committment to our existing clients in the Arizona, Texas, Utah and Las Vegas regions.

Both office location changes take effect on June 1st, 2013. Should you, or someone you know, need to reach Techport Thirteen, either in the San Diego area or southern bay area, please refer to the contact information found on

If you find yourself in the area of one of our four offices and would like to arrange a visit, please reach out to your Techport contact to schedule an in-person meeting.

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