Bomgar / Cherwell Integration Coming Summer 2013

Posted by Ash Fuqua  I  May 9, 13

(CUE EPIC MUSIC AND MAN WITH REALLY DEEP VOICE) This summer, prepare yourself for a brand new partnership that will dominate the world of ITSM. An integration so BIG, so EPIC, that it just might change your life. Forever...

On April 16th, Bomgar proudly announced the integration of Cherwell Service Management, which will be included in Cherwell’s Service Management 4.6 release!

Techport Thirteen is a Bomgar partner

So, the big question: what does this mean, and why should I care? I’m going to take the elementary school literary approach to this one. Here are the “Five W’s” on everything you need to know about the Bomgar/Cherwell integration.

Techport Thirteen is a Cherwell partner

WHO:  Bomgar and Cherwell Software -- Bomgar provides secure remote-support solutions for both computing based systems and mobile devices. Bomgar is one of the fastest growing private companies in North America and offers a revolutionary approach to remote support. Cherwell provides solutions through fully integrated service management software. Like Bomgar, Cherwell is a fast-growing privately owned company focused on developing the best products to meet their customers’ needs.

WHAT: ITSM integration -- With Bomgar, Cherwell service desk technicians and customers are able to launch secure remote support sessions directly from any module in Cherwell Service Management or the self-help portal. This will increase effectiveness and productivity, allowing Cherwell users to have a better service experience. Here’s the specific detailed points from Bomgar’s website release:

  • Integrating Bomgar remote support software with Cherwell Service Management Software enhances service in a number of ways:
    • Technician-initiated remote support session launched directly from any Cherwell Service Management module (i.e., business object)
    • Single-click, end-user initiated chat/remote support session via the Cherwell Service Management self-service portal or rich client
    • Incoming Bomgar support requests are automatically routed to the least busy technician (Enterprise license only)
    • Easy technician access to the associated service desk record
    • Automatic updates of Cherwell Service Management incidents with details from each Bomgar remote support session
    • Bomgar post-session survey results automatically included in updated incident details
    • Advanced logging and recording capabilities for a complete record of the support transaction

You can also view a brochure about the integration PDF with more details enclosed.

WHERE: Cherwell Service Management 4.6 -- Get a free demo of Cherwell Service Management

WHEN: Summer 2013 -- Find the latest news at the Cherwell Service Management Blog

WHY: “...a logical progression in helping Cherwell customers create better experiences for their own customer.” (Vance Brown, Cherwell CEO). Both companies are privately held and have similar core values- they want you, the customer, to be completely satisfied in the ease of using their products. Both companies take pride in customer service, and by joining forces they can now offer customers a better over-all experience using Cherwell Service Management.

Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it!—everything you need to know about the upcoming collaboration between Bomgar and Cherwell.

You can find Cherwell on the web, TwitterLinkedInFacebook, or Vimeo

You can find Bomgar on the web, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Vimeo and Google+.

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