xMatters 4.1 patch 018 - A Must-Have!

Posted by Travis DePuy  I  April 11, 13

A public service announcement for anyone out there running xMatters v4.1. xMatters recently pulled patches 14 through 17 from their support website, and they are saying patch 18 is mandatory for v4.1 installations.

Per the release notes for patch 18, "This patch addresses an issue introduced in 4.1 patch 014 that caused unnecessary updates to a Company's Device Names from the node. The system was always treating the data as having been modified, resulting in unnecessary updates to the related database table. This unnecessary database activity (i.e., processing high volumes of events) may result in system delays."

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The official patch details are as follows:

  • Patch version: PATCH-410-018
  • Build: 1
  • Revision: 63083

There are two methods available to address the issue this patch adresses:

  1. You can apply this patch, which will automatically make the necessary changes to your system.
  2. You can perform the changes manually. For instructions on modifying the configuration files related to this issue, see this knowledge base article on the xMatters Community (login required).

Because this patch includes only the change discussed above, the release notes for patch 18 should be considered supplementary to the xMatters 4.1 patch 017 Release Notes.

For any of your xMatters needs, please contact Techport Thirteen. We provide consulting services, support services and general process design for alert management requirements.

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