How xMatters' Recent Aquisition of Bamboo™ Effects You

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  April 4, 13

In February, Techport Thirteen partner xMatters, aquired Bamboo™, a leading industry mobile incident management application developed by professional services firm Deloitte Australia. Aquisitions in information technology happen all the time, but if you are an xMatters client, or are considering becoming one in the future, how does this particular aquisition benefit you?

First, some background information on the Bamboo solution and its capabilites.

Bamboo was first introduced to the market in 2011 as mobile, incident management solution. The application publishes incident management plans, procedures and actions to an individual’s smartphone. When a plan or procedure is added or changed, Bamboo automatically updates only the affected users based on their role and other criteria. This means that even when a network fails, users can still access the latest critical information and response plans.

Techport Thirteen is an xMatters partner

Bamboo’s mobile incident management feature set includes:

  • Locate My Team: allows users to find team members on a graphical map
  • Relocation: shows user’s current location on a map and provides directions to defined relocation sites
  • Alert Button: triggers an outbound ‘here is my location’ message to request help from fellow team members
  • Contacts and Call-Tree Access: leverages the native features of user’s smartphone to look up and contact team members via SMS, email and phone calls

If you are an existing xMatters product owner or user, you have probably noted that many of these features, like the "locate my team" concept via a graphical map, already exists inside of the xMatters solution. In fact, we at Techport blogged about the map feature in January when the xMatters On Demand Winter Release 2013 was published. You can therefore easily understand why our friends at xMatters would want to aquire the Bamboo solution, as it suppliments the existing xMatters features perfectly.

However, the real reason for the aquisition of Bamboo, in my opinion, is its offline capabilities. Bamboo’s ability to publish incident management procedures to smartphones for offline access complements xMatters’ existing mass notification applications, which are based on relevance engine technology.

Bamboo stores the most important up-to-date incident management procedures and actions on employees’ mobile devices. That means that all relevant information is available to your staff, even in the event of mobile network failures, because it is pushed to the phone and stored there until needed.

So, consider Bamboo another layer of communication in the event mass-notification is needed, but unavailable due to an outage. Whether you are running a data center to maintain SLA's on a set of business services, or have a more common need to stay in touch with a set of people, stacking your layers of communication methods seems like the right thing to do. It comes down to the old adage, better to be safe than... well, you know :-)

We at Techport Thirteen are more than the 2012 xMatters Partner of the Year. We are a trusted advisor to our clients and proven implementor of the xMatters product suite. Want to learn more about the Techport / xMatters relationship? Please request a copy of our brochure detailing our highly successful partnership:

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