Ditch Text-Based Emails with Techport HTML Notify

Posted by Joshua Bey  I  March 28, 13

A Techport Thirteen Packaged Solution for: HP Service Manager

Unfortunately, the ServiceCenter or Service Manager Notification Engine is limited as it must use the standard forms for email which can be cumbersome and not user friendly.

Techport Thirteen Packaged SolutionsThe Techport HTML Notify solution is meant as a supplement or possible replacement to the Notification Engine.

Simply create the format of the email using the HTML editor provided. Preview your creation in the same editor as you go. Populate the related header information to be used and call the new email function from the application with your HTML template as needed.

Help your user community by providing a complete custom email format, including your company’s logos, colors and fonts.

Provide additional functionality within emails like links to documentation or ‘mailto’ functionality.

Utilize the solution through a single JavaScript call embedded in your workflow.

Why stay with text-based email when you can grow with the times using HTML? Get Techport HTML Notify today!

Key Features

  • Clickable URL links including ‘mailto’ links
  • Text is automatically wrapped
  • A single line of JavaScript needed to send emails
  • Supports the use of style sheets
  • Supports on-call schedules including pages (only subject text is sent)

Send HTML Emails from ServiceCenter or Service Manager!

For pricing and installation details, please contact Techport Thirteen.

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