Bomgar Remote Support Client for Samsung Android Released

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  March 21, 13

Our friends at Bomgar have improved their product reach once again. Bomgar clients, using the Bomgar Remote Support Client, can now access and control Samsung devices that run the Android operating system.

Bomgar has partnered with Samsung to allow full screen-sharing and remote control, as well as live chat, system info, file transfer and more, for Android-powered Samsung phones and tablets. Also, the Bomgar Support Client for Samsung gives end-users an easy method for requesting help with their Android-powered Samsung devices.

Techport Thirteen is a Bomgar services and resale partner

Once the remote support session begins, the technician can chat with the end user, see the screen, view system info and control the Android device to resolve the issue. He can also share the session with other team members or external vendors if additional assistance is needed.

Samsung Android Support Capabilities:

  • Screen Sharing
  • Remote Control
  • Chat Support
  • System Info
  • File Transfer
  • Multiple Sessions
  • Support from any Platform
  • Collaboration
  • Security
  • Customer Client

Bomgar also offers limited remote support features for Android smartphones and tablets produced by manufacturers other than Samsung. The Bomgar Support Client, available on Google Play, allows you to chat with the end-user, view system information and transfer files to remote employees or customers using any Android device.

To support a customer on an Android device, the customer uses his Android device to download and install the Bomgar Support Client app from Google Play.

For more information about supporting Android devices, view the Guide to Supporting Android Devices with Bomgar.

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