General Availability of Cherwell Service Management 4.30.a

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  March 11, 13

Version 4.30.a of the Cherwell Service Management (CSM) solution is now generally available. The release contains more than 60 fixes and improvements, including many recommendations received from customers.

Cherwell Software is flexible, easy-to-use IT Service Management software. Is Cherwell IT Service Management software, Helpdesk software, Customer Support software, or Technical Support software? Quite simply - all of the above.

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4.3 of the CMS tool was published in December 2012, with significant enhancements to security, including support of SAML v2.0, as well as enhancements to grids, portal and browser clients, CSM managers, the form editor, searching, iCherwell, dashboards, and more. Release 4.30.a contains the following additional items:

  • A large number of fixes and improvements have been made to the Portal and Browser Clients
  • Performance has been improved in high-latency environments
  • Several fixes, and some new capabilities, have been added to LDAP support
  • A problem with Business Processes that could cause actions to be inappropriately executed has been addressed

If you have additional enhancement ideas, product feedback, or fixes that should be included in the next application release, please submit your thoughts via the Cherwell Support Self Service Portal.

If on you are using CSM today via SaaS, a Cherwell rep will contact you to ask when/if you would you would like to proceed with the upgrade. Keep in mind that Cherwell does not require upgrades though, so this is completely your choice. If you are hosting the CSM solution yourself (non-SaaS), you can obviously upgrade whenever you like.

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