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Posted by Rob Swingle  I  March 4, 13

If you are a social media user, make sure to follow or connect with Techport Thirteen via our many social media options! Get the latest application and solution news with a Techport spin, and keep pace with all Techport Thirteen announcements and events.

In today's world, social media allows each individual to have a personalized newspaper, delivered in real time, as news becomes available. Users can follow the people, groups or organizations that are most important to them, in order to only see the content they wish to see. If you work within the IT Service Management industry, or share a personal connection with Techport Thirteen, then adding Techport Thirteen to your real-time newspaper is a must.

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Our social media options include:

If you haven't already, we encourage you to subscribe to the Techport Techport Blog via email, in order to receive blog posts, like this, via a simple email summary. I you don't have time to follow our many social media accounts, then take advantage of our free, blog email subscription service with content delivered straight to your inbox.

And finally, have a thought to share? Please post your comments to our blog posts to engage our blog authors directly. Or, post your comments as a reply to our social media posts. Getting a discussion started is easy and fun!

Social media and blogging from Techport Thirteen... with news you can use and content delivered in your preferred format. Tell your friends and ITSM collegues to get social with Techport Thirteen today!

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