Webinar: Best Practices for Increasing Productivity with Two-Way Mobile Access

Posted by Mac Bullock  I  February 8, 13

Every system that you rely on sends notifications. But all of these notifications are simple email blasts - notifications sent to your inbox that let you know an issue has occurred, or a ticket has been created, or a change request has come in. None of the notifications received provide a way to move the process forward - to accept a ticket, approve a change, put a job on ice.

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In this free webinar, we'll hear from Matt Ivy, Infrastructure Analyst at Cash America, and he'll discuss best practices for delivering notifications to staff that work towards resolution. He'll explain how notifications that allow users to respond back improve MTTR, and efficiencies, but also having a system that provides mobile access into your IT systems means staff is more productive. Instead of calling back in to update the help desk with the status of a ticket, staff members are able to do it all from their mobile device.

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  • Webinar: Best practices for increasing productivity with two-way mobile access
  • Date: Tuesday, Feb 19th, 2013
  • Time: 9:00am PDT (12:00pm EDT)

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