Add Immediate Value to your ITSM Solution with xMatters Quick Start

Posted by Christian Nulty  I  February 14, 13

Techport Thirteen now offers a convenient, technology-agnostic xMatters Quick Start solution that’s designed to have xMatters deployed and integrated to your IT service management system in two weeks – providing a significant return on your xMatters investment and adding immediate value to your ITSM solution.

Techport Thirteen performs xMatters consulting services

Techport Thirteen’s service capabilities, combined with xMatters’ relevance engines, eliminate the inefficiencies inherent in mass notification and manual callouts, thereby empowering staff members to resolve IT events from their mobile devices. The integrated solution eliminates many of the complexities around incident, problem, and change management, optimizing the process of mapping, monitoring, and notifying on critical events to ensure information security and business continuity.

  • xMatters relevance engines make it easier than ever to audit and report on time-to-notification and time-to-respond.
  • The Quick Start solution includes pulling initial group, user, and device data from your existing management system or an Excel spreadsheet for a limited number of users.
  • Expedite time-to-resolution by leveraging the full group scheduling power of xMatters.
  • Reach the right users when you need them by choosing from a range of notification methods. Notify users of issues via email, voice, and even text.

Named the 2012 xMatters Partner of the Year, Techport Thirteen helps enterprises save time and money while eliminating the frustrations of implementing advanced IT service management technologies.

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