Asset Lookup: HP Asset Manager’s First Mobile Application

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  February 11, 13

HP has announced the release of Asset Lookup, its new mobile client for the HP Asset Manager application. Asset Lookup allows all IT users to view their assets and report any changes from their smart phone or tablet. Also, HP AM users can use Asset Lookup to view and submit tickets against the assets they own.

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The Asset Lookup app runs on HP Anywhere 9 platform, which enables the distribution and consumption of IT information and the execution of actions on mobile devices. HP’s Asset Lookup mobile app is supported by both iOS and Android, and can run on tablets and smartphones.

If you are looking to start mobilizing your IT with Asset Lookup, you can download HP Anywhere Limited with the Asset Manager 9.30 software and install it per the simple steps described in the AM Mini-app Configuration Guide. Users do not need a license to run Asset Lookup standalone on HP Anywhere Limited.

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