Work Smarter with Techport Developer Assistant

Posted by Mac Bullock  I  January 31, 13

A Techport Thirteen Packaged Solution for: HP Service Manager

For ServiceCenter or Service Manager installations that are going through consistent changes to match evolving business needs, Techport Developer Assistant is a must.

Techport Thirteen Packaged Solution for HP Service Manager - Techport Developer AssistantProject Managers can define their development lifecycle, manage each phase and the related code, and enforce coding standards along the way.

Help your development team work better together by having a one-stop place to track code or data changes per staff member for each release.

Log what each team member touches through automated development documentation. Never worry about release documentation again.

Eliminate potential issues through code control from one development phase to the next.

Better communication among developers, better lifecycle project management and better development tracking with automated documentation all mean a higher quality of work. Techport Developer Assistant is an essential part of any ServiceCenter or Service Manager application.

Key Features

  • Better manage code changes over the full project lifecycle
  • Help your development team work better together
  • Automate documentation during development
  • Define your development lifecycle within the product
  • Increase the quality of your development work by enforcing standards

Better facilitate code changes to your ServiceCenter or Service Manager environment!

For pricing and installation details, please contact Techport Thirteen.

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