Use Westbury's SMI Lite Edition with HP Service Manager for Free

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  January 24, 13

Looking for a simple reporting solution for your HP Service Manager instance? Well, I just learned that if you are an existing HP Service Manager customer, you can use the Westbury SMI Lite Edition (SMILE) solution for free!

Yes, I know I am behind on this news, as the SMILE solution has been specifically designed for HP Service Manager 9.3x. And since 9.3 was released in July 2011... ouch... I am slow to keep up. However, I know that many HP SM owners out there are still running v9.2x or later of Service Manager, and if so, then you are entitled to use Westbury's SMILE solution for free.

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Let's backup though... Westbury SMI Lite Edition is an out-of-the-box reporting solution for users of HP Service Manager. It allows you to create reports based on data in your HP Service Manager database, and comes with 24 start-up reports to get you going.

I like to think of the SMI Lite Edition solution as the free-ware version of Westbury's SMI 2011 solution. SMI 2011 is an enterprise-class reporting solution that allows organizations to report on all HP Service Manager processes, and to automatically schedule and distribute reports throughout the enterprise. Check out the full comparison between the full solution and the lite solution for a detailed breakdown of the difference between the two.

You may already be using Crystal Reports as a free-ware-type reporting solution from within HP Service Manager. SMI Lite Edition is a solution designed specifically for HP Service Manager, whereas Crystal Reports is a generic tool. SMILE means you don't have to understand the structure of your HP Service Manager database to start creating your own reports - just drag and drop. No technical knowledge needed, and no SQL queries to write.

The thing I really like about the SMILE solution though is that Westbury has made the implementation very easy. As much as it pains me to admit, there is no need to call a Westbury services partner for assistance. Simply review the online, free tutorial videos on the SMILE website, covering installation, configuration, how to use the start-up reports, and how to create custom reports, and you can be up and running relatively quickly and easily.

I also like that no additional hardware is needed to run the SMILE solution. You only need to install the software on your personal computer, and follow the installation steps for integrating it with your HP Service Manager database.

If you are interested in seeing a demonstration, let us help:

Ready to give it a try? The first step to get started is to register for your single-use permanent license key. You can also download the SMILE software from the HP Live Network while you wait for your key. And, as mentioned above, make sure to start your consumption of the tutorial videos to ensure proper installation and configuration.

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