Distribution of xMatters On Demand Winter Release 2013 Begins January 26th

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  January 17, 13

Starting on January 26th, xMatters will begin distributing its Winter Release 2013 for On Demand accounts. The new release includes several exciting new features and fixes, including the ability to build communication plans that notify users located in specified geographic regions and a soon-to-be-available app for the Android OS!

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As a quick recap, the xMatters On Demand solution PDF is a hosted, cloud-based xMatters offering. And as a reminder, back in October 2012, we covered what was new in the Fall Release 2012. We are very excited to see that xMatters is continuing to improve what is already a strong product with ongoing enhancements.

New features:

  • Map-Based Site Recipients: A new map widget has been added to the form design tools that builds communication plans. You can now notify users located in specified geographic regions.
    • For example, if you want to notify everyone within 15 miles of a specific location, you now can.
  • Geocode Recipients: The existing Sites management screen has a new Location column that indicates which sites are geocoded.
    • For example, if you want to notify everyone at a specific, geocoded location, you now can.
  • iOS App Upgrade and New Android OS App: The Release includes a major upgrade to the existing iOS app and a brand-new Android app. You’ll be able to start any communications process you’ve built in xMatters directly from your iOS or Android device.
  • Improved Events Reports: Changes include...
    • Uses screen real estate much more efficiently: while previously on typical monitor there was room to show only three events before scrolling, we can now show eight or more.
    • Uses scroll-and-load technology rather than pagination: this automatically optimizes the report for your screen's resolution so that you can quickly see the first eight events or scroll to the 8,000th event.
    • Provides new filters to hide "System Events" (device validations, temporary replacement communications, and so on) and completed events so you can focus on the currently critical events.
    • Redefines existing filters against Event and Incident IDs, Event Domain, Relevance Engine and Form Names, Sender and date so that they work fast and stay in place - and so that you can drill down into events and then return to your result set.
  • Multi-language response: You can support full, two-way communication plans in multiple languages. Also, responses back in the reporting interface are normalized, allowing the user to see the user interface and the responses in their preferred language.
  • New help videos for On Demand have been posted to the popular xMattersU YouTube Channel.

There are other, smaller enhancements and fixes included in the release as well. Full release details are available within On Demand's online documentation.

Interested in learning more? We are here to help. Contact us for more information or to request a demonstration.

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