Top 5 Techport Thirteen Blog Posts of 2012

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  January 7, 13

With many good, 2012, Techport Thirteen blog posts to chose from, let's try to pick the top 5.

Based solely on total page views during the year:

  1. May 2nd, 2012: New Look for ServiceNow; Same Excellent Product
  2. May 20th, 2012: New Integration Between HP Service Manager v9.30 and HP uCMDB v9.05
  3. Oct 22nd, 2012: Previewing HP Service Manager 9.31 and Service Request Catalog 1.40
  4. Sep 10th, 2012: IT Service Management (ITSM) - SaaS vs. PaaS vs. IaaS
  5. Jul 16th, 2012: ServiceNow Berlin Release Notes

Compiling a list based on page stats is fairly easy and straightforward. The posts above were hammered over and over again by visitors, to which, we bloggers are very proud. If you missed these posts (or all of our other posts), I encourage you to get caught up on some reading when you have the time.

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However, stats are kinda boring. So, based on my personal feelings, here are my top 5. I based my personal choices on which posts were fun to write, fun to read, and informative, all at the same time. This list is in no particular order, because, let's face it, these posts are awesome, and how can you choose between them?

  • Oct 29th, 2012: Techport Thirteen Named 2012 xMatters Partner of the Year
    • Any time you win an award, that is fun news to share. But, I love Rodney's comments on his experiences at the xM conference this year. And finally, the smile on Travis's face is awesome.
  • Oct 4th, 2012: Using RFID Scanners with AMI's AssetTrack Solution
    • I had the most fun when composing this post... I got to research the movie Minority Report, watch clips, think about relationships to RFID scanners and ITAM, and use some imagination. I can see why people love sci-fi.
  • Jun 18th, 2012: My Bomgar Experience at Bomgar University
    • I really like Ash's style with this post. He was raw, emotional, while still being informative. I got the sense when reading this that I had been in the class with him! I also know that our friends at Bomgar really liked this post as well.
  • Aug 6th, 2012: Choosing a Business Intelligence Tool - Does it Really Matter?
    • Check out the comments from readers of this post... `nough said. Larry really put his heart and soul in to this post. His passion for Business Intelligence really came through.
  • Aug 27th, 2012: IT Service Management (ITSM) - What is a Service?
    • Our longest post of the year may also have been our best. Dedra nailed it with this one... so much so, that Techport's leaders raved about the high quality of her thoughts. If you read one post this year, read this one.

Did I miss one, or do you disagree with my choices? I would love to read your Top 5 verse mine.

And, tell your friends that an email subscription to the Techport Thirteen Blog is free. Why not sign up? Who knows which posts will be in our Top 5 for 2013!

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