Integrating xMatters on Demand with ServiceNow

Posted by Gustavo Garcia  I  January 3, 13

Software integration is the core functionality behind the xMatters product. By integrating different ITSM solutions with the xMatters relevance engine, we can turn a simple notification system into a robust intelligent switchboard that cuts down on cluttered inboxes and mass messaging. We have been particularly involved in the ServiceNow integration due to recent demand from our clients with interesting use cases.

The ServiceNow and xMatters on Demand platform are both robust systems that combine to provide your workforce with a powerful set of tools for addressing your IT needs. Clients that need to remove hardware considerations and data center complications from that equation tend to opt for these off-premise solutions. This does not come at the cost of flexibility though.

Integrating xMatters with ServiceNow

Out of box, the ServiceNow integration can be configured so that incidents can be assigned to users and groups in xMatters. The notifications can then escalate appropriately so users can receive phone calls for important messages, or supervisors can be notified when incidents go unaddressed for too long.

But what happens when the existing integration doesn’t quite correspond with how you intend to use xMatters? Integrations are only useful when they address the needs of our clients. The built-in response options for this particular integration allow us to perform actions like taking ownership of tickets, closing them, and adding annotations, but what if that’s not enough?

Can I respond to a log scraping alert from CA Spectrum or a network alert from Solarwinds by opening an incident in ServiceNow? What about turning an existing incident into a Bomgar connection? In some cases we may find it useful to allow a user who receives these alerts via phone call to create the incident directly from the response menu instead of forcing them to open the system and enter the information manually. It is definitely possible to accomplish these things with xMatters by altering the existing integration and sometimes adding new procedures to existing response actions.

Techport Thirteen is an xMatters Partner

The xMatters product is an exercise in examining what can be done with software when you alter its workflow and make it match your business processes. Thanks to its relevance engine, the days of email inboxes filled with impersonal notifications are over. But it doesn’t have to stop there. With xMatters handling your notifications, much more is possible.

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