Bomgar 12.3 Has Been Released!

Posted by Ash Fuqua  I  December 13, 12

Leather interior, sunroof, navigation. 4G, touchscreen, large battery. Rep login schedule, embedded Bomgar button, custom special actions.

Whether we’re shopping for a car, a phone, or remote-desktop software, we always consider features. Unique features are what set great products apart from their competition, and a plethora of features is what helps to make Bomgar one of the fastest growing companies in North America.

In case you haven’t heard, Bomgar 12.3 has been released!

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Bomgar 12.3 is jam-packed with enhanced features and capabilities. Need to increase resolution time? They’ve got a feature for that. Need more control of your Bomgar Reps? They’ve got a feature for that too! What about end-user satisfaction? Yessir, you guessed it. Features. Bomgar’s got-em.

Bomgar 12.2 introduced a pretty neat feature- Skills-Based Routing. Reps could identify with skill sets, and issues would be automatically routed to the rep that could best help solve the problem.

Bomgar 12.3 builds on this and introduces a feature called Intelligent Collaboration. Intelligent Collaboration allows a frontline rep in need of assistance, to broadcast a need for help based on skill sets. No longer does one need to select a certain rep or team to invite to a session.  This new feature will allow us to more easily work together; this new feature will greatly improve resolution time.

Need to take charge of your reps? Check out the new Rep Login Schedule. When necessary, the Rep Login Schedule can be used to restrict the use of the Rep Console to working hours only (helping to greatly manage licensing issues).

End-user satisfaction? Of course! Bomgar 12.3 offers an Embedded Bomgar Button to allow end-users access to immediate support. It’s easy AND fast…. It’s Bomgar!

Collaborative Browser Sharing is another great feature in the 12.3 lineup. Let’s say I’m helping a customer, but I don’t need full access to the end-user’s system. Collaborative Browser Sharing allows me to have a view-only access to the remote browser. Remember the awesome little Annotations feature 12.2.1 introduced? Now try combining Annotations and Chat with Collaborative Browser Sharing…Genius, right?!

Bomgar continually raises the bar for help-desk software with each new release. As a company AND a product, they’ve just got so much to offer; there’s so much satisfaction to be had! I get excited researching the new Bomgar releases: SO MANY FEATURES! Do yourself a favor and check out Bomgar 12.3.

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