iCherwell: An iOS Client for the Cherwell Service Management Solution

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  November 26, 12

We are Techport Thirteen love technology! We especially love when cool technology and ITSM tools meet, and our friends at Cherwell Software have something cool in the iCherwell app for iPad, iPhone and iTouch.

iCherwell is a native, non-browser-based iOS application, that provides secure access to your Cherwell Service Management data while on-the-go, enabling real-time access to business-critical information directly from your iOS device.

  • View and act upon key organizational data such as Approvals, Change Requests, Incidents/Service Requests, Opportunities and more - including any custom Cherwell Business Object
  • Log activities such as service calls and incoming conversations against existing items
  • Use Dashboards for updates and metrics on your business-critical information
  • View and act upon incoming Alerts in real-time

Additional features of iCherwell include the support of rotation on all major screens. This means that you can use the larger keyboard interface for easier text entry. Also, the "Actions" feature uses Cherwell One-Step Actions to update Cherwell records with easy, pre-defined entries in order to minimize typing.

iCherwell - viewing an incident ticket

There is a phone integration for direct-dial capability from a Cherwell record. You can be reviewing an incident ticket, and touch a phone number to be connected to the requested contact. Very nice!

Please note that this application is a client for a full Cherwell Service Management implementation (on-premise or SaaS - version 3.4+). It is not a stand-alone application. Also, at the moment, english is the only language supported, although, other supported languages will be included in future releases. As of September 24th, 2012, the app has been optimized for iPhone5 and iOS 6.

Techport Thirteen is a Cherwell Software partner

Interested in learning more about the Cherwell Service Management solution? Check out the Cherwell website for details, or, contact your Techport Thirteen representative for additional information.

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