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Posted by Mac Bullock  I  November 19, 12

A Techport Thirteen Packaged Solution for: HP Service Manager

Have you ever spent hours trying to figure out where that variable used in your Format Control calculation is being set? Got a strange message showing up when you close records and you don’t have any idea where it’s coming from?

Techport Packaged Solutions

Techport has the answer! Techport Custom Search was designed to make finding obscure code references much easier! Plug in your search terms and the tables you’d like to search (or specify full system search) and let Techport Custom Search tell you where those search terms exist.

Once the results are displayed, double-click to immediately view that record in its "native" state to view or make changes as necessary! Techport Custom Search will also tell you where in the result your search terms specifically exist. That’s right! If your search term is used in the update condition of the 4th calculation in a Format Control record, Techport Custom Search will tell you!

No more using *afind.string, opening new windows to view the results, and hunting through records to find the value you searched for. Techport Custom Search puts all that information at your fingertips in a simple, easy to use interface!

Key Features

  • Easily search a single table or the entire system for any number of values
  • Find code references at least twice as fast as out of box tools
  • Create and save customized file lists that you search most frequently
  • Direct access to search results via the proper Document Engine processes
  • Command Line integration for easy access

Searching your HP Service Manager application has never been easier!

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For pricing and installation details, please contact Techport Thirteen.

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