A Closer Look at HP Service Manager 9.31

Posted by Jerrod Davenport  I  November 13, 12

Special thanks to Hewlett-Packard for providing a very informative webinar on Thursday, November 8th. We were excited to be able to to take a closer look at HP Service Manager 9.31.

At the beginning of the webinar, HP gave an overview of HP Service Anywhere which was announced to the public last month. Please note that some of the functionality introduced in HP Service Anywhere is also available in HP Service Manager 9.31.  The strategy is that Service Manager 9.31 and future versions will continue to provide similar functionality common to Service Anywhere as well.

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HP re-wrote Self-Service (aka SRC) to make it more customizable, which is one of the main key features of Service Manager 9.31. SRC has a more improved system that is easier to customize. They have a default layout but it can be tailored to meet the client's needs - logo, font, custom fields support, etc. I encourage you to review our previous blog post on HPSM 9.31 for some additional background on the SRC changes.

In the November 8th webinar, we covered other features of 9.31 though, including:

  • The Service Portal screen can be configured to allow users the ability to view videos, launch and search the web from Service Manager, open a support chat via Bomgar integration.
  • Pending Approval tasks are made easier by allowing single click approvals, denial, etc.
  • Users also have the ability to track and modify their subscriptions.
  • While doing a Search for an Item, Users now have the ability to report a problem or search Knowledge Management.
  • Similar to Employee Self-Service (ESS), users still have the ability to update and close their own Requests if needed.
  • Conversation information is now stored in a separate database and it can be accessed and referenced later, as this information is linked to the associated ticket.
  • The ability for users to view the UCMDB browser while viewing a Configuration Item within Service Manager.
  • The Downtime Management integration assists with the ability to plan downtime and suppress alerts based on the status of Planned Start / Planned End change windows.

Make sure to check out my notes and related screen captures from the webinar. The features described above will make more sense with the visual examples:

Review Features and Screen Captures of H

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