Avoid HP Service Manager Health Issues with Techport Alert Monitor

Posted by Rob Swingle  I  November 5, 12

A Techport Thirteen Packaged Solution for: HP Service Manager

Application administrators need to be able to quickly review key areas of the application to monitor system health. Before now there was not a central location in ServiceCenter or Service Manager to gather this information.

Techport Thirteen Packaged Solutions

Techport’s Alert Monitor comes with a set of predefined alerts to monitor various things within your system such as records matching a query, locks, user process, background processes, and ports. In addition, you may define your own alerts to trap events occurring within your custom system.

Beyond just viewing the information the Alert Monitor can be configured to alert you to potential problems such as idle or terminated background process, monitoring specific users, or rapid record growth in a particular file. Setup custom queries against as many files as desired to quickly snapshot various data points such as daily calls, event transactions, etc.

All of the alert types allow for the same actions. You can either write a message to the application log file (sc.log or sm.log) or send an email to a list of email addresses or both. You define how often your alert will be checked and the utility will keep track of all the times the alert has been triggered.

Alert Monitor is just what the ServiceCenter or Service Manager administrator has been waiting for.

Key Features

  • Monitor total records in a file
  • Easy alert monitoring setup
  • Report on any records from any file
  • Monitor a particular process or processes
  • Monitor record lock durations
  • Run custom expressions

Tracking system health has never been this easy

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