xMatters on Demand Fall 2012 Release

Posted by Travis DePuy  I  October 19, 12

New stuff!!! Doug Peete, VP of Product Development, announced on the xMatters blog the official notice for the Fall 2012 Release (warning, Tobias Dunn-Krahn, VP of Engineering, in a leafy outfit).

Check out the release notes here. There are some big changes in reporting that I think offer up some great, easy to use new features. Some notables:

Tracking in Action Crop resized 600

Watch in realtime as notifications are delivered and responded

Log Recipient Search

This will make navigating those reports so much easier! You can click on a user to find out why they were notified. Previously you had to use a combination of the chronological and heirarchical reports and a lot of scrolling, waiting and cursing. This fixes that!!

  • Relevance Engine Design fixes and enhancements - whew, big changes here. The device filter selection has been expanded to allow for granular selection of device names, not just types! Also enhancements to the voicemail options will give better control over information left on voicemails.

Many more! I highly encourage checking out the rest of the release notes, if nothing else for Doug's wit and humor.

Happy reading! --- Travis

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