Techport Thirteen Named 2012 xMatters Partner of the Year

Posted by Mac Bullock  I  October 29, 12

Techport Thirteen has been honored as the 2012 xMatters Partner of the Year. The distinction was announced during the partner summit at the xMatters Relevance Revolution conference, held in Chicago, in early October.

The annual award is given to an xMatters partner who has agressively achieved results toward their annual partner revenue goal, a commitment to achieving certified xMatters consultants, and a close working relationship with xMatters sales and consulting.

Techport Thirteen is an xMatters Partner

Techport Thirteen became an official partner of xMatters (then AlarmPoint) in January 2010, and began agressively growing and training a set of consultants around the xMatters product suite. Over the years, these consultants have performed many xMatters-related projects for clients including base xMatters installations and upgrades, integrations with ITSM applications and other software, and day-to-day support.

Techport formed a stand-alone xMatters Projects Division at the end of 2011 under the leadership of Travis DePuy. During 2012, Travis has worked tirelessly to achieve his Divisional goals with great success so far. Travis was recognized for his hard work as the 2012 xMatters Best Individual "xPert" for the xMatters partner community, also announced at the 2012 partner summit at the xMatters Relevance Revolution conference. This individual award was voted on by xMatters employees and Travis was the unanimous selection.

Travis weighed in with his thoughts about Techport Thirteen being named xMatters Partner of the Year. "This award is the result of steady, dedicated work our team has been performing for our clients for the past year. We are very proud of what we have achieved so far and look forward to continuing our xMatters growth in the future. Great job Techport team!"

Techport Thirteen was excited to once again sponsor the annual xMatters Relevance Revolution conference this October. Rodney Detrick, Techport's Regonal Sales Director - West, attended the event and was able to reflect on the experience.

What was Techport Thirteen hoping to accomplish going in to the event? "Techport Thirteen went to the xMatters Relevance Revolution with the goals of interacting with our existing clients, meeting new xMatters clients and exposing them to our expertise with implementing and maximizing their xMatters deployment."

How did the event compare to previous versions in years past? "Although this years' Relevance Revolution was a bit shorter, it was no less informative, engaging and an outstanding opportunity.  There were more partners present than years past but also a strong client presence and Techport Thirteen clearly shined as Partner of the Year! This year's event also allowed partners to be more visible during the event - we had a table top display during meals and we sponsored the opening reception party.  We also participated in the "birds of a feather" activities during meals - this was partners and xMatters staff leading discussions at meal tables.  Travis hosted the HP Integration table and had some outstanding conversations."

Did you personally have a favorite element of the event that stood out? "For me personally, the Tuesday night Client Appreciation Party and the lunches/breakfasts were the best opportunities for us to spend time meeting with new xMatters clients/prospects and learning about their businesses, their challenges and how they are leveraging xMatters to bring value to their organizations.  These one-on-one conversations really give the client a chance to speak in detail about what they are trying to accomplish and allow us to build face-to-face relationships with them."

If you could leave the Techport audience with a clear message at the end of the event, what that be? "As an xMatters partner, Techport Thirteen consistently delivers superior services, and has been highly successful in working closely with clients to insure they maximize their investment with the xMatters platform."

Techport'ers Travis Depuy (left) and Rodney Detrick (right) hold the 2012 xPert and 2012 Partner of the Year awards

Pictured: Techport'ers Travis Depuy (left) and Rodney Detrick (right) hold the 2012 xPert and 2012 Partner of the Year awards

Congratulations to our fiends at xMatters for another successful year, and another successful Relevance Revolution conference. Techport Thirteen will continue its strong efforts around xMatters' products and services, and will definitely be in the running in 2013 for Partner of the Year once again.

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